Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pettway is coming home

According to the Bham News. If he coaches anything like he played, with great intensity on both ends of the court, this will prove to be an oustanding move. I think he can provide us with some leadership that we have been missing the last two seasons.

Also, our thoughts and prayers go out to Kobe Baker's family. I know he wasn't a popular hire, but he's a better coach than most gave him credit for, and you have to respect him for having his priorities straight and taking care of his father. Best wishes to them.


finebammer said...

good move. shows gottfried's listening. (he must really be desperate!!!!)

but is it too little, (no pun intended) too late?

bobbyjack said...

It should've been the hire last year, but I like it. CAP (I like the sound of that) should instill a renewed defensive effort.

MSmilie said...

I'm a little behind the times in posting this comment but, as much as I like this hire, it smacks of desperation on Gottfried's part to buy time knowing how popular Pettway is with the fans.
Of course, he couldn't even do this right, stealing Pettway away without even consulting with Jax State. Good move, Mark.
And I agree with bobbyjack, it should have been the hire a year ago (or someone else). The hiring of Baker was a head-scratcher to say the least.