Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random- MLB 2nd half predictions, Music, and more

MLB Predictions
AL East- Tampa Bay... despite the losing streak into the All-Star Break, I really like the makeup of this team. If they can add one more middle tier SP I think they win the division.

AL Central- White Sox... even though the Twins and Tigers are breathing down their necks, they should win due to their superior rotation.

AL West- Angels... with the A's loading up on prospects and the Rangers a year away, it's almost a given the Angels wrap this up in early September.

NL East- Mets... firing Willie Randolph might be the best move they make this year. The team seems more relaxed and are playing to their potential. The Phillies are loaded, but the rotation is still shaky. The Braves... well, let's just say I see Tex being shopped in the next couple of days.

NL Central- Cubs... a ridiculous rotation with a super potent lineup equals another division banner. The Brewers might make them sweat for a while, but the Cubs have too much talent.

NL West- Dodgers... in a terrible division Torre manages to lead this band of has beens and great young talent to the playoffs with a barely over .500 record. Most thought this would be the most competitive division in MLB, but that's not the case.

Wildcards- my heart says Yankees, but my brain says Red Sox. Either way they won't survive the 1st round. In the NL I see the Brewers making the playoffs for the 1st time since 1982.

In the end I see the Cubs and White Sox in the WS with the southsiders winning in 6.

- My music taste for the most part is hard rock/metal, but I've grown to like 3 Doors Down. Link to their recent single.
- Shinedown: one of the few "new" bands I dig. Link

- Why is a 20oz bottle of soda more than a 2 liter?
- I don't understand the bottled water craze... it's just tap water through another filter (sometimes). Convenience is the only thing I can think of.
- Who thought ethanol is a viable alternative to gas? I see it more as a stop gap.
- Budwiser is about to be run by a foreign company. Is it really as big of a deal as the media is making it to be? Seriously, the beer is going to taste the same.

These are the things I think about when stuck in Nebraska for 2 weeks.


finebammer said...

al east. i know you're a yankee. but you're short shrifting terry francona. winning it all last season with that pitching was nothing short of miraculous.

both dice k and schilling were hanging on by a thread throughout the post-season. francona did a whale of a job navigating that team past those obstacles.

winning now is one thing. the post-season? something entirely different.

bobbyjack said...

I'm not shortchanging Francona, but the AL overall is improved.

The Angels own the Sox (and Yankees too) and I'm sold on TB's rotation. While DL Drew is finally living up to his ridiculous contract, I see too many holes in the lineup for them to go far. Obviously I hope I'm right about that.

DJC said...

Good post, with the exception of your prediction of success for the white sux. They aren't even the best team in Chicago, much less all of baseball.

I saw 3 doors down live a couple of months ago at the crawfish boil here in Bham. They put on a pretty good show.

Anonymous said...

shinedown kicks ass and is underrated.

i drink a ridiculous amount of bottled water, but each bottled get refilled with tap water many times before it gets replaced. so yes, its all about convenience.

the thing that bothers me most about the budweiser thing is the almost complete lack of all american beers now.