Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arkansas loses Beverley for season...

... not due to injury, due to grades (supposedly).


That's bad news for Arkansas, good news for the rest fo the SEC West.


Anonymous said...

providing ron steele is able to lead mark gottfried's team this season, and that's a BIG if, the sec west could be lining up to be a border war with our buddy to the immediate west.

the sec west just got a little weaker. that should put more pressure on gottfried to win it.

the bar just got lowered a bit more, mark!

bobbyjack said...

Admit it, you (heart) CMG on the inside.

I'm not sure who's the favorite in the West. Being best in the west is probably 4th best in the conference.

MSmilie said...

This was a huge blow for Arkansas. They were already looking at a potentially tough season before losing Beverly, but now....We'll see what Pelphrey's made of for sure. The key for him will be to keep Beverly focused and in school so he can resume what was a promising career.

The bar have been lowered for Gottfried but I just don't see anything on this team to be excited about. There's talent, as always, but it is talent with questions marks hanging over it. Especially Steele. Until I see him in a game, I'm not going to believe he is the starting point guard.

I think it's going to be another up and down year, which means Goodbye Mark.

Anonymous said...

you know, those who defend gottfried talk up what a great recruiter he is.

but where's the talent???

if he can't win the sec west this year, he should be fired, steele or no steele.

Anonymous said...

We could play with a bunch of walkons and still be better than Gottfired and the Crimson Tide.

bobbyjack said...

Humor... make it past the 1st round in a decade and all of a sudden they think they're unstoppable.

Good stuff.

Unknown said...

That’s a big surprise. We really are gonna be young this year aren’t we. That leaves only Welsh and Washington to carry the torch now. I have struggled in my mind to figure out how we would rotate our guards this year with only 1 true PG and 3 true SGs. I guess we won’t have to worry about that any more will we.

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