Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kentucky basketball schedule

As usual the non-conference schedule is a bear, but that's to be expected as Kentucky doesn't duck teams (unlike Duke).

Wildcats schedule

Prediction: 26 wins, 12-4 conference and a deep run into the NCAAs.

Edit- I had to add this youtube clip of Patterson. I can't believe I didn't see this last year.


Anonymous said...

let's see, this is gillespie's second season at uk. i really don't think he proved too much with season one.

before i put him in the final four, i'd like to know he belongs there at all.

other than the early game @ unc, sorry, i'm not impressed. (update: duke plays unc twice every year with an opportunity to meet them in the conf. tourney)

if the miami game was on the road, i'd appreciate it more. it's not.

indiana? paper tiger.

louisville. ok. pitino's pitino.

everyone's going to make a big deal about the unc game so early but the fact is unc's at home, they'll be favored and hansbrough is gonna hand their heads to them. and it's gonna happen so early everyone forgets.

uk will be favored to win every game they play in december.

ok. uk plays in a pre-season tourney. well, so do many d1 teams. nothing special about that.
k-state minus beasley. how convenient.

you know, i might not follow sec basketball as closely as some, but i can't name a single uk starter off the top of my head.

is tubby's lost fax boy still there??

MSmilie said...

I think Gillespie's best days with this program are still down the road. With Tennessee being in a good spot right now, with Florida probably better (though not great), and perhaps even South Carolina being a better team, this could prove to be Gillespie's true first year of building the program up in his image.
There are some good pieces for this Kentucky basketball team but I'm not sure about 12-4 and a deep run. This team, like most of the SEC schools this year, is a fringe NCAA team, in my opinion.

bobbyjack said...

I came to my prediction due to:

1) How weak the SEC is going to be
2) How well UK played in the 2nd half.

My conclusion is UK will be even better than their 2nd half and with Patterson back it propels them to the best in the SEC... and a Sweet 16/Elite 8 run.

As far as the NCS... factor in WVU and KSU... both very talented squads (WVU more than KSU). That's 6 decent or "name" teams on their NCS... you can't do much better than that.

Michael said...

What you all are talking about dudes.....

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