Sunday, August 03, 2008

LSU basketball schedule

Unless I miscounted (or counted an exhibition game) LSU has 21 home games this year. Wow!

Their non-conference schedule is stout with Washington State and Xavier visiting, Utahin Salt Lake City, and Texas A&M in Houston.

2008-2009 schedule

I say LSU wins 17 games with a 6-10 conference record.


MSmilie said...

I may be wrong, but I think LSU could be a surprise team. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the jobs Trent Johnson did at Nevada and Stanford. I expect him to do well at LSU.
Also, the cupboard isn't exactly bare : Tasmin Mitchell, if healthy, is an All-SEC caliber player, Marcus Thornton can light it up, and there are some solid players such Temple, Chris Johnson and Martin. If they can find consistency at the point, they'll be fine.
Plus, looking at the West this year, it's anyone's division. No one team stands out more than the other, in my opinion.

bobbyjack said...

PG play is what's going to kill them. That and TJ's adjustment to the roster. I figure they'll be a team you don't want to play in February, but one you want to see earlier in the season.

I don't think anyone in the west does better than 9-7.