Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Maui Invitational Bracket Announced

Check it out here. We open up with Oregon, and if we manage to win that, we get North Carolina in the second round. Ouch.


bobbyjack said...

AUsome! I get to see us receive a beatdown from the best team in the country in person.

I don't see an official seeding for the tourney so here's my guess:
1) UNC
2) Texas
3) Notre Dame
4) Alabama
5) Oregon
6) Indiana
7) St Joseph's
8) Chaminade

I CAN'T WAIT... I'm almost ready to bypass football season for this.

MSmilie said...

Bobbyjack: you get to see them receive a beatdown from the top team in the country if they beat Oregon. This is Bama Basketball we're talking about; nothing is certain. :)

Looking at this bracket I would be happy to see Bama go 1-2: beat Oregon, receive the thrashing of a lifetime from Carolina (regardless of the score, I just want to watch Bama play Carolina) and then probably receive an additional beating at the hands of Notre Dame or Texas (if those two meet that should be a great game).

Of course, they could lose to Oregon and win out to go 2-1. Better for the record, not the RPI.

As a College Basketball fan this line-up is as strong as Maui has had in years (obviously Indiana was in a much better place when this line-up was put together as opposed to now - thanks Kelvin!) and the games should be great.

If Carolina plays their game there are few teams that can beat them so I like Carolina over Texas in the final.

I currently live in Austin, TX at the moment so it would be nice to see Bama play Texas if it somehow works out.

I can't wait either. What a month November will be, eh? Bama football finally ends that damn Iron Bowl streak and Bama Basketball plays in Maui. I wish I could see that in person.

Thanks for posting the bracket. Sorry for the long comment.

Unknown said...

We've beaten Oregon once, we can do it again! As for UNC.... I dunno, Roy is always open for a non-con loss to teams he should beat easy.