Monday, August 04, 2008

Piecing together the schedule

With all the talk about schedules lately, I thought I would search for all of our known opponents, see what schedules have been released, and put together as much of our schedule as possible. Hopefully this might be helpful to some out there trying to plan trips to away games, etc. Here's what we know so far:

Sunday, Nov. 16 v. Mercer

Monday, November 24 - Wednesday, November 26: Maui Invitational, Maui, HI (Bracket has not been set yet, but we will play 3 games, possible opponents include Chaminade, Indiana, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oregon, St. Joseph's, and Texas)

Saturday, Dec. 20 v. Tennessee State
Sunday, Dec. 28 v. Yale
Sunday, Jan. 11, v. LSU
Wednesday, Jan. 21 v. Ole Miss
Saturday, Jan. 24 v. Kentucky
Sunday, Feb. 8 @LSU
Saturday, Feb. 28, @ Ole Miss
Sunday, March 8, @ Tennessee

That's it for now. I would assume our non-conference schedule will also include a home game against Texas A&M, a trip to Clemson, and a neutral site game against Marquette in Indianapolis. There are also rumors that we will play a Big 12 team on a neutral site.

As for the conference schedule, of course we will play all the western division teams home and away, and this year we will go to Vandy (ugh) and Florida, and we will get Georgia and South Carolina at home.

Interesting that we already have 2 Sunday games scheduled. We go to Baton Rouge in early Feb. Fat Tuesday is not till Feb. 24, but the party should be getting started, that might be a fun game to go to and make a side trip to New Orleans. I'm hoping to make it out to Maui, but we will see.


MSmilie said...

Other games that I know of: Nov. 16 - Mercer; Dec. 20 - Tennessee State; Dec. 28 - Yale (am I the only one who finds that a strange game to schedule?). All those games are in Tuscaloosa.

Is that Marquette game set in stone? That's going to be a tough one if it is. The Big East is ridiculous this year. They could get as many as 10 teams into the tournament with the depth they have.
The game at Clemson won't be pretty either.
The A&M game is tough, but winnable.

I'm happy to see Bama scheduling this way, but that's a brutal schedule already with those three games, Maui, and the SEC schedule. Certainly not the kind of schedule you would expect to see from a coach on the hot seat.

I'm ready for the college basketball season right now.

bobbyjack said...

Marquette I thought fell through so we were looking at a Big 12 team (Colorado) instead at a neutral site. It would be sweet if we play them in Denver. Basketball and some snowboarding in Decemeber would be nice.

MSmilie said...

Colorado has released their schedule and I do not see Alabama listed. That's not a game I would want to see myself simply because Colorado is awful. Bama has nothing to gain.

DJC said...

Thanks Mitchell, I edited the post to include those games.

MSmilie said...

No problem.

Did you read where Auburn dismissed Josh Dollard?
One more hit for Lebo. How many more can this guy take?

MSmilie said...

The result of too much time on my hands: Georgia has released their schedule. Their game in Tuscaloosa is Jan. 31.