Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FINALLY!! Alabama's 2008-09 basketball schedule

I would've posted this earlier, but that work thing got in the way.

From Rolltide.com

Alabama A&M and Quincy were added to the schedule it seems. Our non-conference slate features Oregon, Texas A&M, GA Tech, Clemson, and maybe North Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas, or St Joseph's. Quite stout.

I say 11-3 non-conference and 10-6 in SEC play. I might be smoking crack (again), but I can't help but think we should win the west. That would put us about 4th best in the SEC... which is where I think we should be this season.


Anonymous said...

you're right, bj! we SHOULD win the west.

but mark gottfried SHOULD HAVE DONE A LOT OF THINGS!!!!!

shit. there i go being negative again.


MSmilie said...

Yeah, I have a hard time picking this team to win the West. It's got nothing to do with the coaching staff (though it does give one pause), but rather the bevy of question marks this team has from whether Ron can go the whole year, what his effectiveness will be on both ends of the court (particularly defensive. can he still physically match up with the best point guards in the league), will this team step up and play some fricken defense, can the interior guys make up for the loss of Hendrix, who's ready to step into Riley's shoes as a perimeter threat, to whether or not Alonzo Gee can put together a consistent season?
There are some things I like about this team, but there are also some things that worry me as a fan. Ultimately, I think this team will be on the edge and will probably be one of the last teams taken or left out. The final question is will a tournament appearance alone save Gottfried? But that's a question for a later date. Can you believe it, less than two months to go until basketball!

My prediction: 17-12 Overall.10-3 Non-Conference (I'm not counting that Quincy game. I mean, they couldn't find a D-1 school to play....ridiculous), 7-9 Conference. Their RPI and play in the conference tournament will decide their tournament fate.

Tia Woot said...

Found an SEC Basketball Composite Schedule for all teams here:


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