Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just to say I posted something... Thursday picks against the spread

College Football
Vandy +10 over South Carolina. I wouldn't be surprised if Vandy won straight up. South Carolina's offense was horrible last week against NC State.

Giants -5 (4.5 if you're lucky) over the Redskins. New coach, new offense, defending SB Champs... not a good way to start the year for the Skins.


Anonymous said...

dude, you pick football games???

i wonder what that giant's number started at? they're at home. defending sb champs. and you have to give as little as five to get them??

i know about the injury to umenyiora. i know strahan retired.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, let's hear some american league east smack.

your yankees swept the rays. thanx. the sox needed that.

you guys have a run in ya?

can dustin pedroia carry the sox to the post-season?

still like the rays??

bobbyjack said...

Overall I've been pretty good against the line in college and the NFL. College basketball... not so good.

I think the G-men number started at 6. In the end the oddsmakers had it right as it was only a 9 point game (with a lot of sweating by both sdes in the last minute).

Yankees are done... have been done since mid August. They didn't sweep the Rays, but took 2 of three. Looking at the makeup for the 09 team I doubt they make the playoffs next year either.

I thought the Twins/ChiSox would challenge the BoSox for the WC, but they seem to slip away. Still, I don't see the BoSox making it past the 1st round (where a run-in w/ the Angels spells doom).

The Rays have slipped lately, but that team even with injuries is loaded. I wouldn't want to run into Kasmir 2 or 3 times in a 5 or 7 game series.

I still stand by my ChiSox/Cubs WS with the southsiders winning it all (to DJC's dismay).

Anonymous said...

wow! the biggest payroll in major league baseball misses the post-season three years straight?

the old man would be pushing for a recall of micheal bloomberg.

saw an interesting piece on espn on the guys that rebuilt the rays franchise. two wall street guys with no baseball background.

two beancounters. got to be chapping hank's ass.

bobbyjack said...

I'll be 2 years in a row if they don't make it next year. The curse of Alex Rodriguez will haunt this team for a while. The worst thing ever to happen was signing him after he opted out. It irritates me to this day.

$$88 million comes off the payroll at the end of this season and I assume they'll be spending some of it on Matt Holliday, Mark Texeria, and/or C.C. Sabathia. Still, there's some holes in the rotation and the young guns (Hughes and Kennedy) aren't living up to the hype.

We could be like the BoSox and miss the postseason one year and win the WS the next, but my confidence in ownership and the GM is not really high right now.

Anonymous said...

toronto beats the rays in 13. woo hoo!

bosox, take care of your business. next week it's in your hands.

of course, longoria's back just in time.

Anonymous said...

wow. blown out by the rangers.

who does mike timlin have pictures of???