Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Piecing the schedule together Part II

Some copied/pasted from DJC's post a month ago... some updated. Mitchell made me aware fo the Chattanooga game. Updates are in red. If there's any mistakes let me know.

Sunday, Nov. 16 v. Mercer
Wednesday, Nov 19 v. Florida A&M

Maui Invitational
Monday, Nov 24 vs Oregon
Tuesday, Nov 25 vs UNC or Chaminade
Wednesday, Nov 26 vs TBD

Saturday, Dec 6, Louisiana-Lafayeete
Saturday, Dec 13 v. Texas A&M
Saturday, Dec. 20 v. Tennessee State
Monday Dec 22 vs Chattanooga
Sunday, Dec. 28 v. Yale
Jan 3 vs Ga Tech
Jan 6 @ Clemson (FOX Sports 9PM)

SEC Schedule
Sunday, Jan. 11, v. LSU
Wednesday, Jan 14 @ Miss. St
Saturday, Jan 17 @ Auburn
Wednesday, Jan. 21 v. Ole Miss
Saturday, Jan. 24 v. Kentucky
Thursday, Jan 29 @ Arkansas
Saturday, Jan 31 v. UGA
Thursday, Feb 5 @ Vanderbilt
Sunday, Feb. 8 @ LSU
Saturday, Feb 14 v. South Carolina
Wednesday, Feb 18 @ Florida
Saturday, Feb 21 v. Miss St.
Wednesday, Feb 25 v. Arkansas
Saturday, Feb. 28, @ Ole Miss
Tuesday, Mar 3 v. Auburn
Sunday, March 8, @ Tennessee

My guess is there's 2 more games to plug in before it's complete. I figure one of them goes between November 27 and Dec 5th and the other is either between Dec 7 and 10 or Dec 14 and 17.


Anonymous said...

lsu - win
@msu - loss
@auburn - win
ole piss - win
uk - loss
@arky - loss
uga - win
@vandy - the usual blowout loss (ok, ok. that was a jab. no jabs before the season starts)
@lsu - loss
@usc - loss
@uf - blowout loss
msu - win
arky - win
@ole piss - loss
auburn - win
@tenny - loss

bounced in second rnd of sec tourney.

re-assigned to saban's pool boy.

DJC said...

I believe the South Carolina game is at home this year.

bobbyjack said...


MSmilie said...

Tough schedule so far.

Indulge me:

Mercer - W
Florida A&M - W
Oregon - W
Notre Dame - L (I like Carolina/Texas in the final)
Louisiana-Lafayette - W (could be tough)
Texas A&M - W (this is a game Bama must win if they want to entertain any thoughts of the postseason at the end of the year)
Tennessee State - W
Chattanooga - W (this game worries me. Chattanooga has a very capable team coming back. It wouldn't surprise me if they snuck up on Bama)
Yale - W (Ivy League teams can be scary)
Georgia Tech - W (Bama better win at home against a team projected as a lower-tier team in the ACC)
Clemson - L (The Bama football team exacted some payback for that beatdown in Coleman last year. Unfortunately, Clemson will probably beat Bama down again at their place. Something tells me the fans in attendence will be thinking specifically of the football game)

As far as the SEC goes: I think Bama goes 7-9, 8-8...something like that. I think they will be a bubble team at best going into the SEC Tournament.

bobbyjack said...

If we go anything less than 9-7 in conference I suspect they'll be changes. As pitiful as the SEC is shaping up to being winning at least 2 road games should be the minimum. Yes, I said 2 road games... assuming we cough one up at home.

Anonymous said...

well, buddy, my sox blew a hell of an opportunity to take over the al east lead over the weekend. i'm drinking your t b koolaid now.

bad thing about it is toronto smelling blood in the water now. the wild card is far from guaranteed. toronto's juggling their lineup so we're facing your boy halladay tonite.
you've sold me on him too.

you know, you hear very little about the cy young for him. 18 wins. 2.77 era. (that's fantastic!) complete games. the guy's damn impressive.

bobbyjack said...

Cliff Lee has pretty much wrapped up the Cy Young. Being 21-2 with a 2.28 ERA is stout. He's even got 4 CGs and 2 SHOs. Still, Halladay has had a great season. Him and Brandon Webb are the 2 best pitchers in baseball today.

BoSox got the WC barring a NY Mets type collapse. The Jays and Twins are too far out.

The thing about the Rays that's fascinating is they've been winning all season with Pena and Crawford underperforming all year (and Crawford on the DL), Longoria on the DL, and a bullpen that seen Percival on and off the DL a couple times this year.