Sunday, September 07, 2008

Random rant- NY Yankees, griping about CMG, and 2 crappy BCS conferences

NY Yankees
As most of you know I'm a lifelong Yankees fans and while I can stomach missing the playoffs, the way this team has quit amazes me. We got the $30 million man (Rodriguez) laying an egg anytime there's an important at bat, Jeter hitting into 2 million double plays, Abreu's phobia of walls, and the overall unclutchiness of the entire team. Did I mention the starting rotation pretty much sucks and the bullpen is hit or miss? You'd think $200 million would buy a team that makes the effort. Earlier in the year I wished the Yankees starting OF was as good as the Pirates (before they dumped their entire team... again). They'll be lucky to finish 3rd.

Griping about CMG
I'm all for ripping into him during the season, but ripping on him before the season is a bit much. Listen. I'm not a big fan of his coaching style (some would argue there isn't a style) and while I'm not optimistic about this season I'll wait until we lose some games we have no business losing. I know we've read this story before and it mostly ends up disappointing, but I ask to wait until we play our first game.

The ACC and Big East in football
The ACC and Big East are putrid... so bad that C-USA and the MWC should take their B(C)S slots. I say that the ACC and Big East champs would finish about 6th in the SEC or Big 12.

Both conference made mistakes when they expanded. In an effort to rival the SEC in football, the ACC diluted their basketball prowess and somehow weakened their already weak football status. Miami hasn't been good (they're on the rise though) and while Va Tech has done well, they're still a notch below what they used to be in the Big East. Big East football is a joke... and losing Va Tech, Miami, and BC solidified that. Seriously, when your dominant team is West Virginia your conference has problems. I despise the 16 team Big East basketball conference, but I'll rant on that right before basketball season.


Anonymous said...

on ripping gottfried:

as a longtime fan of alabama b'ball, going back to c m, i reserve the right to rip gottfried any time i please.

i never thought anyone could ruin 'bama b'ball for me like david hobbs did. but gottfried's done it.

his incompetence coupled with his arrogance and that fingernails-on-the-chalkboard pollyannish public attitude about his team has driven me away from the program i once loved. i want to go see a game so badly i can taste it. but i will not buy any product sold by hucksters and that's exactly what gottfried and his wife are. i would sooner buy doctor frank's pain spray for me AND my dog. (and pay double)

after what he did to ron steele, if you put your butt in a seat in coleman coliseum to attend one of his games you're giving your tacit approval of what he's doing.

mike shula, while deserving to be terminated imo, did nothing as aggregious as mark gottfried in the steele matter.

he should have been fired the SECOND after it was publicly announced steele required surgery. THE SECOND!

ban me from this site if you must, i cannot and will not say anything positive about this fraud AND his wife and i will respond in the negative to anyone who's even on the fence about the idiot.

p. s. go sox!

bobbyjack said...

I feel your pain... I'm about as down on Alabama basketball as I ever been. I too have more than a couple issues regarding how Steele's injury was 'handled.' My point is save your BP meds for when the season starts.

Regarding Mike Shula... I had (have) disliked him as a coach from his day in Tampa. I lay the blame on hs shoulders for the dismal offensive 'performance' in the NFC championship game against the St Louis Rams. If the offense couldve mustered just 17 points my former favorite NFL team would've been in the Super Bowl and would've handled the Titans. When he 'won' the HC job over Croom I was mortified. he couldn't hack it as an OC and wasn't all that good of a QB coach yet he was the choice to succeed Mike Price?

Shula made some major blunders... putting Brodie in against UGA when the game was out of hand... only to see him get drilled for a sack and leaving Prothro in the game when we were blowing out the Gators. We know what happenned.

While I dislike Shula the coach, he seems like a nice guy. I got a chance to meet him once 10 years ago.

I've heard mixed reviews on CMG.

Anonymous said...

speaking of croom, i love sly like the next 'bama fan.

one of bear's boys. 'nuff said.

(personally, when i hear folks talk about coaches that "sound like Coach Bryant, i don't think there's any coach living today that "sounds" more like Coach Bryant)(i guess that wasn't "'nuff said"!)

thought it was cool he got all the accolades last year..........but.

auburn and alabama (and ESPECIALLY 'bama) handed him games on a silver platter. take those games back and he's got a five win season as he likely would have missed a bowl game opportunity.

it didn't take long for him to drop one to la. tech this year. (what were they doing in ruston anyway?)

probably making a mistake by saying this but it seems croom has been handled with kid gloves since he was hired there. 'trying to do it the "right" way' and all that jazz. (remember the whispers about how croom would be more appealing to black players?? i guess richt, meyer, saban and miles have all had something to say about that)

i've always thought another of bear's boys, jackie sherrill, got a raw deal there. if memory serves he had a couple of eight win seasons and was not tied by name to the ncaa infractions there. (although i do remember something about a lawsuit against them by sherrill so i could be wrong there)

msu doesn't emphasize football beyond handing out cowbells at games and that's factual. if they win eight or nine games in a season somebody in the sec is having problems. several somebodies. (harken back to the game that cost ron zook his job) we love to tease aubies about being a "cow college" but you stand a significantly greater chance of stepping in a cowpie by attending a msu football game than at auburn.

i'll come out and say it. croom got lucky last year. any coach who wins eight games a season at msu got lucky. i don't think what happened at msu last year says much about croom as a coach.

win the sec west and go to atlanta. then you've done something. but be ready to take the first train outta there because the ncaa won't be far behind.

now do i think he would have been a better choice than shula? of course. we had an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive at the time. (by hiring the first black head coach in the sec AT the school where that damnable wallace had his little dog and pony show)

i'm not saying croom's a bad coach. just saying i think everyone was a bit premature in showering him with accolades last year and i think it's obvious why.

reminds me of the year rod (no neck) barnes won sec coach of the year when i thought eddie fogler at s. carolina did a better job that year. (how's that for a b'ball segue?)was the sec basketball intelligencia of the day "desirous" of promoting a black head coach? maybe.

(for the record, i've never been "doctor shopping" for any prescription pain medications. this possibly racist rant was concocted in an absolutely sober mind)

by the way, bosox 3, rays zip. 1/2 game out.

bobbyjack said...

I agree Croom's magical season was more luck than anything else. Still, it was something to behold. The team recovered nicely from a home beatdown to LSU their opening game.

I like Croom and hope for him to have success in Starkville as long as it's not at our expense. Then again I really liked Mike Price (and still think he would've done well here) so take my endorsement for what it's worth.

I don't buy into the "this school is a xx win program." UGA was considered a 8 win program for almost 2 decades and now they're in the hunt for a MNC. Ditto for Va Tech (although their rise has been a shady one), Missouri, Oregon, and others. It's all about getting players and putting them in a position to win.