Monday, September 29, 2008

Random thoughts- MLB, Bama-UGA, and more


I picked 6 of 8 playoff teams... maybe 7 if the White Sox win today and beat the Twins tomorrow. Not bad. I have changed my WS picks since July... I'm thinking the Angels and Phillies now with the Angels winning it all. I probably won't watch a minute of it as an extremely disappointing season of Yankee baseball has got me 100% vested in football season. This is coming from a lifetime baseball fan.


Speaking of football, I was there to witness a funeral. If someone would've told me we'd be up 31-0 at the half I would've had them committed. What an amazing game! I should've known this was coming as I came oh so close to running out of gas driving up. I found a gas station off exit 129 on I-85 with my tank sitting below E. Right there I should've known... to quote the great Ice Cube, "Today it was a good day." I'm 2-0 on the road this year... and 2-0 in Athens lifetime... although it's been 13 years since I last watched us play up there. The University needs to supplement road tickets for me the rest of the way.

Other stuff

- 2 gallons of gas costs as much as a 12 pack of Southpaw Light. That ain't right!
- Does gridiron success take some of the pressure off CMG and the basketball team or does it intensify? I say it's take the pressure off a bit.
- South Carolina still hasn't released their basketball schedule. Maybe they'll let the world know before opening tipoff.
- Auburn's offense makes Mike Shula's look like Southern Cal's.


DJC said...

Get behind my Cubbies! We need all the help we can get. I like your Angels pick out of the AL, but I just don't think the Phillies have the pitching. I'm worried about the Cubs in the first round. The Dodgers aren't the same team we took 5 of 7 from during the regular season, and as you know, Torre is a pretty darn good post season manager. That being said, I think the Dodgers are where we were last year. A good team, hot at the end of the season, good manager in his first year, but just not quite there yet.

I, too, was in Athens. That first half was the best half of football I've ever seen. That gas shortage is no joke...My Dad brought some over from AL for me and my gf, who lives in ATL.

I'm a little disturbed that you even know how much a 12 pack of Southpaw costs. The financial crisis must have been especially hard on you. :-)

bobbyjack said...

I wish Lou was our manager... he would've been a real change from Torre. Oh well, there's always next year. I'd like to see the Cubs and Angels in the WS. Those are the 2 best teams and it would be one heck of a series.

As for Southpaw Light... it's a much better tasting beer than the name brands, but in this financial crisis I might have to lower my standards to Colt 45, the Beast, or PBR! (g)

Anonymous said...

i think the more success saban has the more irrelevant gottfried becomes.

whether that translates to some sort of change if gottfried can't turn it around is anyone's guess. i'd say probably not.

if they think they can fly under the radar and avoid paying off elizabeth and her husband they probably will.

the catch is that generally when coaches get down to two years left on a contract something is generally done. you can't have a coach with under two years on a contract. the program will be eaten alive on the recruiting trail.

bobbyjack said...

When CMG leads us back to the NCAA he'll get a 4 year deal. Now that I made your blood pressure boil, I doubt that'll be enough.

I do see him hanging around until 2010 with the current financial state of this country. If finances wasn't an issue he would've been fired last season.

I'd like our fanbase to be passionate about both sports, but the reality is basketball gets press when the football program falters.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, the financial state of the country has nothing to do with this.

should the football team make it to atlanta, this program will be swimming in money. bernanke and paulson dream about the financial power the alabama fanbase wields.

alabama people spend money. they always have. and they spend big on a winner.

i'll always love the old story about how a sugar bowl official was asked back in the late seventies who he'd rather see win the sec and play in new orleans. he immediately answered alabama.

why? because 'bama fans travel and they spend money.

asked who they least like to see, he replied auburn. he explained auburn people show up with a extra pair of underwear and a ten dollar bill and don't change either.

Anonymous said...

well, first dragon slain.

on to the rays.

we're gonna need the old beckett for this one.

can pedroia pitch???