Tuesday, September 09, 2008

WANTED- New NFL team to root for.

It's been 3 years in the making, but I no longer root for the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. I barely paid attention to them last year and didn't care a lick that they lost to New Orleans on Sunday. Jon Gruden is mostly to blame for this.

RIP fandom- Tampa Bay 1991-2007

I grew up a NY Jets fan, but disguarded them when they left Shea Stadium to play in NJ. The only NY football team resides in Buffalo Ontario, Canada.

I need a new team to root for. I can be a frontrunner and cheer for the Patriots or Giants or I can suffer and hope to reap the rewards by latching on to Kansas City or Cleveland. I am open to suggestions. Right now the only reason I watch football on Sundays is to see how my fantasy players are doing.


Anonymous said...

not a popular choice with the tide crowd now but i've been a 'fins fan since 1972.

there was a time when don shula and coach bryant were pretty tight. shula loved bryant's players.

baumhower. mcneal. joe carter. tony nathan. dwight stephenson.

shula called stephenson the greatest center he ever saw.

i have an old team photo from 1966 with billy neighbors in it. (pre-shula of course)

speaking of the j e t s, jets jets jets, marty lyons, richard todd.

i remember a game, jets - dolphins, todd had bruised ribs, played with a flak jacket on. got sacked about four or five times that day but kept dragging himself back up and eventually knocked miami out of the playoffs winning that game as i recall.

biscuit in buffalo.

big jon hand in indy.

a lot of alabama players played in the '70's and '80's afc east.

just please don't take up with those snow plow driving bastard patriots. anybody but those cheating bastards.

(my apologies to the hannah's)

bobbyjack said...

Can't root for the Fish for a couple of reasons:

1) I despise Dan Marino
2) I despise Bill Parcells
3) I dislike Don Shula... even before his little rant about how wrong we were to fire his son.

I do like the scenerio of entering as a fan on the ground level. this is as low as the franchise is going to be and in a couple of years might be a contender... hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Root for the Texans. They never hurt nobody. We are getting better and better every year. With Schaub at QB we are poised to make the playoffs. If you need another reason to root for us, Demeko Ryans plays here. Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

dan marino.

i remember watching dan in pre-season games in '83. we had been suffering thru the strock-woodley rotation. after a mediocre senior season at pitt, dan had fell back to 21st (i think) in the first rnd and miami got him. after seeing him play i told my circle of friends he'd be starting before the season was done. i think he started game 7 that year.

it became apparent quite quickly shula abandoned the running game and the defense for marino's arm. tony nathan was converted to a receiver out of the backfield. then came the marks brothers. a combo like that today would dominate espn's top 10 replays. those guys were magic.

during the regular season. playoff ball requires the total package. running. defense. we weren't set up for that. i used to curse the very existence of tom olivadotti. (miami's off. co-ord.)

i didn't realize until jj got there marino was calling the plays. olivadotti was likely no more than a towel boy for marino. and to the fans in miami, marino was (and still is) a god.

i thought when jj was hired he should have traded marino while they could get something for him. those were my pre-internet days. i didn't realize jj would be yanked off his boat and lynched.

if there's a scenario in pro football that more resembles alabama's post-bryant period, i can't recall it.

the miami media hated jimmy from the get go. george bush has nothing on bad press compared to johnson. edwin pope led the charge. when marino clashed with jj and was benched, it was effectively over for jj.

of course he didn't help his own cause much. cecil collins. if cecil performed on the field the way he jumped thru bedroom windows, johnson might still be there. the d lineman from mich. st. who kept trying to kill himself. actually slashed his throat once on a street corner in miami. tryed it once or twice more before they gave up on him. first round draft pick.

then he convinced huzienga to hire his buddy wannstedt to replace him.


and the media loved that clown.

but dan really let me down. i don't know that he can be totally blamed. shula put him on a pedestal. the fans worshipped the ground he walked on.

most folks would crumble under the spotlight placed on him. with the exception of a couple of crappy movies, dan alway carried himself with some semblance of decency.

DJC said...

I'm in the same boat, still looking for a new team. I was a Dolphin fan. Mainly because a lot of my family and friends were Bears fans, and I could run my mouth about that Monday night game in '85. As mentioned above, the UA connections to the Dolphins played a major role in my choosing that team. However, I started to turn on them with the JJ hire. He basically turned them into a bunch of thugs like his Miami Hurricanes. The Alabama connections dwindled, but I still held my nose and pulled for them. The combination of the Ricky Williams saga, the Shula ordeal, and finally the end of the Jason Taylor/Zack Thomas era put me over the edge. I loved Marino, the tradition of the '72 team, the UA connections, but I can't pull for that franchise in its current state, and likely never will again.

The Bears have Mark Anderson, and since I'm already a Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks fan, that makes the most sense. Still, it's wierd pulling for them when I went out of my way to be against them years ago just to piss everybody off.

I've thought about the Saints due to Roman Harper, but it's bad enough knowing I'll probably never see my baseball team win anything.

Thought about the Ravens, lots of UA connections, but I'm not a big fan of the city of Baltimore.