Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote... if you're voting on issues

If you're voting based on a slogan, a TV advertisement, or a soundbyte do the country a favor and stay home. If you educated yourself on each candidate and where they stand on the issues important to you then vote and be proud.

Link to John McCain's website.
Link to Barack Obama's website.

It's hard to get unbiased news today... you got to do some serious searching to find the good and bad of Obama's and McCain's stand on the issues.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of either candidate so I voted for the candidate that's in MY best interest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

USA Today preseason rankings are out... UNC #1

... no surprise there.


LSU gets 19 votes while Alabama gets a big fat 0. That'll change after we win the Maui Invitational!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Who should be our starting 5?

DJC's post below got me to thinking about this... who would your starting 5 be on opening day. Here's mine and my explanation why:

1) Mikhail Torrance- Making the assumption that we'll need more point production from Ronald Steele, Torrance is at this moment in time our best PG.

2) Ronald Steele- he will be depended upon to drain the outside shot.

3) Justin Knox- he's the big guy with the most upside. I think he can develop into something special.

4) Alonzo Gee- talented, but erratic. I think Steele's return makes him a better player.

5) Demetrius Jemison- He's another one that improved as the year ended. Unless he regressed in the offseason I think for the time being he should be in the starting five.

First 3 off the bench:
1) Brandon Hollinger- as long as he continues to drain the 3 he's the 1st option.
2) Senario Hillman- I can see him moving into the starting lineup IF he improves his perimeter game.
3) JaMychal Green- just because of the hype. I have to see him play college competition before I make judgement on him.

Fighting for minutes:
1) Anthony Brock- I know nothing about him and until I see him play I can't comment.
2) Yamene Coleman- if we're to believe our offense will be uptempo Yamene might get 5 minutes a game.
3) Andrew Steele- I see him playing minutes before conference play... sparingly afterwards.

We really could go 10 deep, but DJC pointed out in his post below that CMG is going to settle on 8 in the rotation. I'm not going to beat the dead horse on this...

I know I'm in the minority with Jemison and Torrance in the starting lineup. I don't think either plays more than 20 minutes a game, but I really think that lineup gives us to best chance to win to start the season.

Friday, October 24, 2008

One more thing I forgot to add...

The floor looks awful. We may now have the 2nd ugliest court in the country behind Texas A&M. The script A is still in the center, with Crimson Tide on the side between the 3 pt line and midcourt, which is fine. However, as you all know, they moved the 3 pt line back 6 inches this year. Problem is, the old 3 point line is still there and painted white. The new 3 point line is crimson. Instead of the lane being painted, we did what a lot of teams are doing now and painted everything inside the 3 point line except the lane. I'm not a big fan of that, but if we are going to do that, we could have at least painted it crimson. Nope, it's white. But it's a lighter white than the old 3 point line and the blocks on the lane. To further clutter things up, we put the round SEC logo in crimson just inside the free throw line. My biggest gripe is the white area inside the lane, it looks ridiculous. I didn't have my camera or I would have taken a picture to post, I'll try to remember to do so at the crimson/white game.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Notes from practice

As most of you know, Coach Gottfried has decided to close practices to the public this year. I was fortunate to be able to watch Tuesday afternoon's practice, along with about 100 other Tide Pride and Tuscaloosa Tip-Off club members.

Due to the way the practice was set up, and it being early in the goings, it is difficult to tell a whole lot. Most importantly, Ron Steele appeared to be healthy. He shot the ball well and played good defense, and appeared to be running well in drills. His speed and quickness is not so much what makes him a dominant point guard, as it is his decision making and fundamentals. He's extremely strong with the basketball, always keeps his head up, seemingly always makes the right passes, and can score. He looked like the old Ron Steele to me, which is great news.

All of our other returning players looked pretty much the same, in my opinion. Justin Knox appears to have gotten a little stronger, and I believe Alonzo Gee may have actually lost a little bulk making him a tad bit quicker.

JaMycheal Green will see the floor early and often, and I wouldn't be surprised if he works his way into the starting rotation before the season is over. He's not the dominating force that Hendrix was inside from a strength and size standpoint, but he has good footwork, agility, hands, and runs the court well. He did well in shooting drills with his mid range jumper, but it's hard to tell if he will be as effective when being guarded from that range. He's still a little green in certain areas as you would expect from a freshman, but he's way ahead of the curve in my opinion.

Brock is a lot like Hollinger although his skills are much more suited to run the point, however his lack of size will probably prevent him from seeing a lot of action in SEC play. He is quick, and plays with a lot of energy and hustle on both ends of the floor and in drills, I like him.

Andrew Steele has good size for a guard, but he has a long way to go offensively. He was way off on a couple of shots and mishandled the ball a few times. If he can improve his ball handling and shooting, he'll be a good one in due time. He is a force defensively. In the limited scrimmage time, I don't think anyone scored on him. His team came back to tie Ron's team late, and Andrew matched up one on one against Ron and shut him down on the last 2 possessions, forcing a turnover and a blocked shot.

Senario Hillman sat out with a sprained ankle. Coach Gottfried said he probably could have went, but they wanted to give him another day of rest.

If I had to guess on a starting 5 at this point, I would say...1. Ron Steele, 2. Senario Hillman, 3. Alonzo Gee, 4. Justin Knox, 5. Yamene Coleman.

We did a lot of transition work...3 on 2 drills, and running up the court and trying to get a quick, good shot, so maybe we will try to force the tempo a little more this year.

After the practice, Coach Gottfried introduced the players and staff, spoke for a bit, and answered questions. Of note, he said he thinks we have a little bit quicker of a team than we did last year. He said the questions marks are who is going to score consistently from the perimeter, since we lost a good perimeter shooter in Riley. I think Ron and Gee can step up in this regard, and hopefully Hillman. Gee shot well in practice, but he's always been streaky. We'll need him to have more good days than bad.

When asked if we would press more, Coach responded that he gets asked that a lot, and that we will press some but we can't press all the time. He said we will do a lot more of picking up the ball and pressuring the ball at half court than we have. As most of you know, I'm usually one screaming for us to press more due to our athletic ability and depth. That being said, after watching how poorly we communicate at times when we were working on the 2-2-1 press at practice, I can understand why he may be hesitant to do it too often. I believe this is something we need to spend more time on, because if we could get it right, it would be a great weapon.

When asked about the depth of the playing rotation, he responded that it's difficult to play 10 or 11 guys. We have 11 guys on scholarship, but he said by SEC play we will probably settle on a playing rotation of 8 or 9 guys, but 10 and 11 have to be ready in case of injury or foul trouble. I really wish he would rethink this...I believe you can run the floor and play 10 people, and I think we have thd depth to do it.

Coach said he thinks we are a little bit quicker of a team this year. He indicated that we didn't run quite as much as we would like to last year because Richard was our most consistent scorer and we had to run the offense through him, but when you start zipping up and down the court you take Hendrix out of the game, so we will probably get up and down a little bit more this year than we did last year.

He said all the assistant coaches are heavily involved in recruiting, and each one is assigned certain games on the schedule and they are already looking at film and preparing a gameplan. He said there is no coach specifically responsible for defense. During practice, the assistants did very little actual coaching, it was pretty much all Coach Gottfried.

Coach said we should definitely compete for the West this year, and maybe the overall SEC depending upon how things go. He said we must get back into the tournament and advance in the tournament. He mentioned that we don't hang banners for NITs around here, and he said the last year and a half has not been fun for any of us, himself included. He acknowledged that it's his responsibility to put a product on the floor that we can be proud of and excited about it. He said we've got a team of great guys that are all going to graduate, so we should be proud of them, and they are working hard on playing at a level that we can be excited about it again.

I'm pulling for him, obviously. If Ron Steele can stay healthy and play like the Ron Steele of old, I think that will cover up a lot of our deficiencies. He looked good in practice, but it was not a very physical practice with a lot of contact, so it's hard to tell if that will be the case.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tennessee tickets available

Tennessee is already selling individual game tickets. I just picked up a pair for our game on the last Sunday of the regular season. Also, they have released some tickets to the football game this weekend. Let's buy them up and take over Neyland Stadium Saturday, then come back in March and take over Thompson-Bowling arena.

Get your UT tickets here

Tide gets committment from 6'3 Shooting guard

Charvez Davis a 6'3 shooting guard from a JUCO in FL, picks us over UAB, auburn, Arkansas, and the Mississippi schools.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fired up about Bama hoops?

If not this link should get the party started. Ok, maybe not, but it was nicely done (and I'm pretty critical of our 'marketing' department).

Like football, I'll see us more times on the road than home.

An aside, did we modify our home unis? I must've missed that announcement.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chris Hines commits to Bama

Chris Hines, a 6'8 Small Forward from Southwest Illinois Community College, is in the house. Link to Rivals Profile

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maui Invitational- Oregon-Bama tickets onsale

The Maui Invitational has released more tickets for sale. Oregon-Bama will cost you $45. I scooped up a couple. If you're brave you could buy the 3 game package for $204 which might get you tickets to Oregon, UNC, and Texas/Notre Dame... or could leave you with Oregon, Chaminade, and St Joseph's/Indiana. I'm gambling on a per game basis.... that's just me.

Sorry for the lack of updates... the day job keeps getting in the way.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shawn Kemp Jr commits to Bama

I pass this along to you... hopefully the kid is 1/2 as good as his dad was (before he started closing down all you can eat buffets in Seattle). Read it here.

A good read on Kemp Jr. from SI

Thursday, October 02, 2008

South Carolina 2008-09 schedule

Here you go. I'm not sure if this is complete as there's a 2 week gap between 12/2 and 12/16 where there's no game scheduled.

What a pathetic non-conference schedule. The big games are College of Charleston, Clemson, and Winthrop. Still, they'll be lucky to go 8-3.

Prediction: Pain... lots of it. 8-3 non-conference and 4-12 in SEC play. They're on the right track to recovery though.