Monday, October 27, 2008

Who should be our starting 5?

DJC's post below got me to thinking about this... who would your starting 5 be on opening day. Here's mine and my explanation why:

1) Mikhail Torrance- Making the assumption that we'll need more point production from Ronald Steele, Torrance is at this moment in time our best PG.

2) Ronald Steele- he will be depended upon to drain the outside shot.

3) Justin Knox- he's the big guy with the most upside. I think he can develop into something special.

4) Alonzo Gee- talented, but erratic. I think Steele's return makes him a better player.

5) Demetrius Jemison- He's another one that improved as the year ended. Unless he regressed in the offseason I think for the time being he should be in the starting five.

First 3 off the bench:
1) Brandon Hollinger- as long as he continues to drain the 3 he's the 1st option.
2) Senario Hillman- I can see him moving into the starting lineup IF he improves his perimeter game.
3) JaMychal Green- just because of the hype. I have to see him play college competition before I make judgement on him.

Fighting for minutes:
1) Anthony Brock- I know nothing about him and until I see him play I can't comment.
2) Yamene Coleman- if we're to believe our offense will be uptempo Yamene might get 5 minutes a game.
3) Andrew Steele- I see him playing minutes before conference play... sparingly afterwards.

We really could go 10 deep, but DJC pointed out in his post below that CMG is going to settle on 8 in the rotation. I'm not going to beat the dead horse on this...

I know I'm in the minority with Jemison and Torrance in the starting lineup. I don't think either plays more than 20 minutes a game, but I really think that lineup gives us to best chance to win to start the season.


MSmilie said...

Starting 5:

1) Ron Steele - Ron will be the starting PG, and he should be. While I think the injuries to Ron could hamper his ability to score and dish off the drive, his real benefit to the team will come with his ball-handling and decision-making abilities. Compared to last year when Bama was starting someone else at the point almost every game, Ron is the unquestioned floor leader who will make everyone else better. Everything must run through him.

2) Brandon Hollinger - Hollinger may lack the overall skills of the other guards, but I feel he makes up for it with a good jump shot (if I'm not mistaken he was the 2nd best 3-point shooter on the team last year), hustle on both ends of the floor and experience. He can play some minutes at PG, if necessary. But the biggest asset is the experience of he and Ron together. A senior backcourt is rare in this day and age of college basketball.

3)Alonzo Gee - This could be Alonzo's year. Early word out of Tuscaloosa is positive about the improvement with his jump shot and work on defense. I believe Alonzo will have to be the guy for this team to be successful. This is his last year so it's now or never.

4)JaMychal Green - The guy may be a freshman, but he's talented and, from what I've read, very coachable. With enough minutes he could turn in an SEC Freshman of the Year-type season.
He's in good shape for a freshman and, while his offensive game needs time to grow, he will provide a lot of energy on defense and rebounding the ball. With a veteran backcourt, he won't have to play with a lot of pressure.

5)Demetrius Jemison - For right now, Jemison gets the spot due to his experience. If Knox progresses the way I think he will, however, Jemison may end the season as a reserve. I just think Knox has more upside in the long run than Jemison.

First 3 off the bench:

1)Mikhail Torrance - Mikhail will be extremely important to this team this season because he's capable of playing PG, SG and SF, particularly if he's developed anything resembling a jump shot. Hopefully it will be a precursor to what should be an even bigger role for him next season.

2)Justin Knox - As I wrote above, I think Knox has the potential to be in the starting line-up as the season progresses.

3)Senario Hillman - I think Hillman's role will depend largely on how well his perimeter game has improved since last season. If he's made significant improvements, then he could possibly split time with Hollinger.

Fighting for minutes:

Andrew Steele - Might not be a bad idea to redshirt Andrew. Then again, he'll play a bigger role next year so it might not be a bad idea to get him whatever minutes they can this year.

Anthony Brock - I think Brock will get a decent number of minutes as a back-up PG. He could be the starter next year so he needs to play as often as possible.

Yamene Coleman - If Yamene just had better hands, I think he would have a chance to play more. He's shown flashes - the Kentucky game last year - but it seems that he's never going to be more than just a capable reserve. Still, his presence adds to the experience and depth of the frontcourt and that's never a bad thing.

DJC said...

Ron Steele is our best PG right now, and it isn't even close.

bobbyjack said...

Steele might be the best PG we have, but we will need him to be more of a scorer this year. Having 2 PGs in the lineup will help him get his shot off.

IMO starting Green right off the bat is a mistake especially when we have Knox and Jemison. Both have paid their dues.

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to find out more on the Uniforms? They are the throwbacks from a couple of years ago. I asked C Stewart about it and he told me they would be back this year. I don't know if that means full time or just spot appearances. Do you know?

Alias said...

This is just a WAG, but I think Ron starts at the point and Torrence starts at the two guard. Is this Torrence's junior season? I still hope to see him develop a feel for the court because he has good ball handling and excellent passing skills when he is feeling comfortable. I think they'll leave him at the two because his best weapon so far has been his drive to the basket. He can drive and shoot or drive and dish or drive and dish back to Ron.

I don't want to get my hopes up but this could turn into a pretty exciting season. Kentucky is the only game for which I've gotten tickets so far, but I would like to try to make a couple of others.

bobbyjack said...

I'll see what I can find about about the uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Torrance is great and should be starting. Gottfried doesn't let him have it like he did in the Crimson and White game. He acts like he has something against him or something...let the guy have it so WE can all see how good he really is!!