Tuesday, November 25, 2008

78-56 over Chaminade

We actually fell behind early, but were too much for an overmatched Chaminade that plays in a lower division. Chaminade only had 8 players, and after playing an up tempo UNC team the day before, I'm sure they were winded. This win will not help us in the RPI. We went on a run late in the 1st half, and led 40-20 at halftime. So, that means we only won the second half by 2 points, against a tired division II team with 8 players. In fairness, we did empty the bench in the second half. The crowd was much more sparse today. I would estimate no more than 25 Bama fans in attendance, at least 25% of which were related to Coach Gottfried.

Up next, we play St. Joseph's and their arm-flapping mascot at 6:30 pm local time tomorrow (10:30 pm back in Bama) for the prestigious title of 5th place. I'm off to the beach.

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Alias said...

I just finished watching my recording of the game. There is no way we beat a good team by double figures playing the way we did this afternoon. Sure, we showed a few flashes of brilliance. Gee had about 90 seconds in the first half where he played full speed and under control. Hillman played well the first ten minutes of the second half. But both of them made plenty of mistakes all game long. We did move the ball around a little bit, but that mostly was in the transition game. Our play under the basket would have lost the game against any quality opponent. We got defensive rebounds because the other players were too tired to beat our guys to the ball, not because they were boxed out.

If we tip off at 10:30 local time Wednesday night, I will be able to watch our game after I get home from the South Alabama v. Arkansas game. At least I will get to see the hogs once this season. I'm sure not driving up to Tuscaloosa to watch them beat us there.

Enjoy paradise, guys. I wish I was there with you now.