Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bama 58 St. Joe's 48

Good win over a decent St. Joe's team. St. Joe's isn't great, they are undersized but they aren't awful. They beat the hell out of Indiana. It was a slow paced, half-court game. If we play with that kind of effort and intensity on defense every game, we will win more than our fair share. Despite the low score, our offense was not that bad. We got some good shots that just didn't go down, and as I mentioned, it was a very slow paced game.

With the win, we place 5th in the tournament. Up next, Alabama A&M comes to Tuscaloosa next week. For more on the St. Joe's game, read Mitchell's post in the comments to the stats pack below. I'm off to go snorkeling. Aloha!


Anonymous said...

Shots that won't go down are called misses.

Anonymous said...

Bama didn't do good at all this game. WHY WAS TORRANCE ONLY PLAYED 2 MINUTES? Seriously, the guy has been putting up a lot of shots, but Gottfried fails to let him have at it. I believe if torrance played, there would have been more points on the board. This was a slow game, that never really got started. He should definitely be letting him play way more minutes! He didn't play AT ALL in the 2nd half!

MSmilie said...

Anonymous: The reason Torrance didn't play as many minutes is because Alonzo Gee was playing well, Hillman was solid on the defensive end and you'd rather have Steele at point in a close game. Plus, Coleman and Andrew were giving good minutes. I don't have a problem with it.

Torrance is going to get his minutes this year, but I still think he's another year from being a major contributor.