Friday, November 14, 2008

Bama Bludgeons Belhaven...

($.02 to Alias)

... 97-43 in front of a see of crimson... seats. I watched the 2nd half... sort of... as the Jets-Patriots and Va Tech-Miami games split my interest. Here's the box score.

The good:
- Forced 31 turnovers and only had 12
- 21/26 from the charity stripe
- 11 players scored (poor Cage missed out, but did play).
- 26 assists

The bad:
- 1st half shooting was bad (34%)
- With the exception of Hillman, our guards didn't shoot the ball well.

Mercer is up next... we should maul them too.

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DJC said...

It's hard to tell much in these types of games, but at least we didn't struggle like we have in the past. Montevallo and Birmingham Southern have both gave us tough games. The year we eventually went on to the Elite 8 we lost to Athletes in Action, so these aren't always easy.

The crowd was actually a little better than it was for the Faulkner game.

We pressed more in this game and were very aggressive on defense. We ran a lot of man to man. I thought Hillman played particularly well on both ends of the court.

We started off slow, but eventually pulled ahead in a workmanlike manner. Jamychael Green was a force inside. Ron Steele played better than he did against Faulkner. We still don't finish strong around the basket. We missed at least 3 easy shots because we went with a finesse move instead of going up strong with 2 hands and at least drawing the foul.

Andrew Steele played, and I thought he looked pretty good on defense, but a little raw on offense. He missed one shot very badly but also made a 3 pointer.

We have at least 11 guys who could see some playing time and play an important role on this team.