Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ducks Dominate Defenseless Bama, 92-69

Much like the team and coaching staff tonight, I will be completely incompetent with this recap. It was on ESPN, so if you weren't enough of a fan to stay up and watch it for yourselves, you don't deserve any more than my 1 or 2 sentence summary. Maybe Bobbyjack will edit this and link a box score if he's feeling generous, I'm not taking the time to find the link.

We suck. It was a typical road game (and the crowd consisted of 70% very loud, energetic Oregon fans, 15% quiet and subdued Bama fans, and 15% disinterested UNC fans). We started out good, let them get on a roll, and never regained momentum. Once we fell down double digits, it was game over. We've seen this time and again on the road. We didn't play halfway decent in a single phase of the game. Inside defense? sucked. Outside defense? Sucked. Rebounding? sucked. Ball handling? sucked. Free throw shooting? Sucked. You get the picture.

I keep telling myself 2 things tonight to make myself feel better about this: 1. I'm still in Maui. It's not like I'm in some place like Starkville where this crap usually happens.

2. Losses may be beneficial to the long term good of the program at this point.

Regarding #2, I hate to think that way. I like Coach Gottfried, he's one of us, and we all wanted him to be successful, but I am afraid the writing is on the wall. For the last 2 years we've heard, "If we only had Ron Steele," Well, we've got him, now what? You'll never convince me this team is worse than Mercer, or 23 points worse than a team that lost to Oakland.

To lighten the mood around here a little, here are some pics I took today. This is the only one I took from the game. It was taken courtside during warmups. It was literally a high school basketball gym. At least it is air conditioned now, I understand that was not the case a few years ago.

A couple more from around the Island:

Up next, Chaminade tomorrow at 11am local, 3pm Central. Boy, I can't wait for that one. If we play like we did tonight, they will get their 5th win ever in the tournament they host every year. For now, I think I hear a margarita on Front St. calling my name. Aloha.


Anonymous said...

Ronald Steele has a look on his face which says: my talent (and the talent of those around me) is being wasted on this team due to lack of coaching.

MSmilie said...

I would like to see the AD make a move immediately to try and salvage this season. I know that's not going to happen but I hope they're at least putting feelers out there for a replacement so someone can be locked up immediately when the axe falls. There are already rumors that Georgia is interested in Anthony Grant at VCU. Alabama needs to start moving or they're going to miss out on the best coaching prospects.
It's no longer a matter of if for me, it's when. LSU pulled the trigger early last year and that team actually responded favorably. We'll see.