Friday, November 07, 2008

Elephants Exterminate Eagles

I was a part of the crowd of about 1,000 (nearly half of which were Faulkner fans) to see us win the first exhibition game of the season last night over Joe Sanderson's Faulkner Eagles. Faulkner was so outmanned, it's difficult to tell how good we are. We got up and down the court, and shot a lot of 3's. We were hot early on, but cooled off some down the stretch. We mostly played man to man defense, and forced a lot of turnovers.

I was right on the starting backcourt, but way off on the front court. Steele and Hillman started at 1 and 2, with Gee at the 3, Jemison and the freshman Green starting down low. I thought Green would start at some point, but not this soon. I was surprised that Andrew Steele did not play at all.

Ron Steele played a good game, but at one point he dove into the scorer's table to save a ball, Faulkner recovered it, but Steele then hustled over on defense to get a steal. I like the effort and hustle, but with his injury history, I would rather him not going diving into the scorer's table in the second half of a 30 point blowout in an exhibition game. There was one other scary moment when Alonzo Gee was the victim of a very hard intentional foul and was slow to get up.

For what it's worth, this time last year we were struggling with Montevallo in an exhibition game. If memory serves, we were either trailing or it was very close at halftime. At least we took care of business in convincing fashion, although I do think Montevallo was much better last year than this Faulkner team. Up next, Belhaven comes in for the final meaningless game next Thursday before we start playing for real.


Anonymous said...

Andrew Steele was out with a sprained ankle. He is going to be fine, but they just wanted to be careful.

bobbyjack said...

I watched the 1st half and was somewhat impressed, but I'm still miffed at shot selection.

Alias said...

I see you are continuing to steal my alliteration schtick, you plagarizing bum! ;-) Thanks for the report.

Alias said...

P.S. We've noticed in past seasons that the people who play in November frequently never see the court after January 1st, so there's still a chance that my prediction (guess) on our starters could turn out to be right. How much did we bet on that again? :-(