Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FAMU stats pack

Being that their sports site is down ESPN is the best I can do for those that JUST GOTTA KNOW.

I know this... they suck... bad. Kansas State and Wichita State hammerred them and we should, but after the Mercer loss I have a hard time thinking we'll demolish anyone.

The stats:
- 35.5% FG
- 54% FT
- 25.6% 3pt FG
- 12 turnovers a game
- only 2 players taller than 6'6"

Prediction: Steele might go for a triple-double, but somehow we let them hang around before running away late. Bama by 12.

Gametime is 8PM 11/19 and it's on CSS (whatever that is... I have directv so I probably don't get that).

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MSmilie said...

If you have the ESPN Full Court package, you can see the game.