Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Half Fine Facing FAMU

An outmanned opponent evidently was just what the Vet ordered for this season's Tuscaloosa Tusk Toters. Alabama shot well over fifty percent from the field and was a perfect eleven for eleven from the free throw line in the first half. Alabama's defensed also rattled the Rattlers, holding them well below the three point percentages they had earned earlier during this and prior seasons.

Jemison hit one nice shot away from the basket. Torrence sounded like the player I remember from high school, contributing by driving, dishing and hitting from outside. Ron Steele was the Ron Steele of old; Coach Gottfried had to call a time out just to get Ron out of the game for a few minutes. Brandon Hollinger finally broke his scoring drought. Gee was inconsistent. Green sounds like he might be a real player. Andrew Steele played and contributed. So did the new Juco kid whose name I'm sure I will remember (but misspell) tomorrow.

I have to get up at 4:30 to ride tomorrow morning so I will miss the second half, but the first half sounded more like a first half early game is supposed to sound. Here's hoping the first game was more a case of nerves than of lack of preparation.

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