Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mercer Bears preview

Coming off a 11-19 campaign that went in the toilet right after we beat them in Macon, the mighty Mercer Bears return leading scorer James Florence and top rebounder Calvin Henry.

They beat Piedmont 89-63 to open the season, holding Piedmont to 8-27 shooting in the 2nd half to run away. Florence and Daniel Emerson led the way scoring 19 and 16 each. Emerson had a monster game on the boards pulling in 19.

Here's a preview from Mercer's website.

No player on the roster is taller than 6'8", don't seem to have a legitimate 3 point shooter outside of Florence, and struggle at the FT line. That's not good. They did lose to Georgia College and State (didn't know that was a real school) in their final exhibition game due to cold shooting in the 2nd half (7-21). Here's a box score of that game for those that need to know.

Prediction- Pain... and lots of it. While I don't know much about Mercer, losing to GA College and State makes it hard to take them seriously. While I'm aware of our shortcomings (and there's plenty of them) we should dominate Mercer like we did those hapless exhibition scrimmages the past 10 days. Alabama 88 Mercer 60 and Greg Cage scores 4 in mop up duty.


Unknown said...

72-69 Mercer. Now can we talk about CMG's buyout?

MSmilie said...

Absolutely. This guy has to go! No more of this talk of let's wait until the end of the season. Screw that! This guy needs to be fired immediately. Let the chips fall where they may and let an interim guy take over. LSU did it last year and the team played better. If it had happened earlier in the year, they may have finished stronger.
I know it's early in the year and these upsets can happen at this time of the season (VMI-Kentucky) but to lose the first game to an inferior opponent in a year that everyone considers to be a make-or-break year? He's gotta go. He's gotta go now.
Until he's gone, I have to remove myself as a fan of this program. I love it and its history too much to watch it descend into banality like this.
First game of the season and the sense of joy I have about college basketball has already been hit hard by this. Enough is enough.

bobbyjack said...

You guys need to be patient. It's only his 11th season... wait until he gets comfortable before we run him off.

Ok, I'm shocked... beyond shocked. We lost to a pitiful team that lost to GA College and State so that means we're even worse than pitiful. Upsets happen, but not like this.

I'm glad I only bought a ticket to the Oregon game. I'd be pissed if I shelled out $200 for 3 crappy Maui games.