Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oregon squeaks by Bama... and the mood of this blog is about to change

Box score

A valiant effort by an over matched Crimson Tide team. It did my heart proud to see the effort exerted by the players and staff.

I want to list the things we did well in this game:

I've tried to keep this blog objective, but I can't do it anymore. I said to my friend when we get down double digits this team was going to fold like a tent. They did. I said to my friend that Gottfried would sit there when the game's out of reach and have that Shula look of disinterest... he did. I saw Ernie Kent coaching 40 minutes, Gottfried started biting his fingernails at the 6 minute mark of the 2nd half.

The good news is I was on TV a lot... not that I was looking to be, but since there were about 28 Bama fans in that HS gym I figured I get some airtime. More good news for me is I only bought a single game ticket so I will not have to spend a moment more in that HS gym watching HS level basketball. I'll watch on TV from my lanai instead... maybe. DJC will suffer on I guess.

I'll post some pictures later this week. I'm thoroughly disgusted. I've seen more organized basketball in the schoolyard.

For those that think things might turn around this year I applaud your optimism... and question your judgment.


DJC said...

Amazing, I said the exact same things. After the FAMU game I halfway complimented Got-fired for showing some fire and getting on Jemison. Tonight, Gee has an easy dunk and goes up soft (something I've been bitching about for 3 weeks now) and misses it. Senario Hillman takes one ill advised shot after another. Yamene fails to block out and gives up a dunk on an offensive rebound, just when we were on the verge of gaining momentum. Got-fired's reaction to all of the above? Vigorous clapping and a pat on the backside as they come over to the bench at the next time out. This infuriated me to no end. At one point I yelled out, "quit patting him on the ass, grow a set, and chew somebody out!"

When we fell down 9 late in the 2nd half, I told some friends sitting in front of me, "look at our body language, we are beat. Not one player thinks we will win this game right now. I bet we're about to get run out of the gym."

Not trying to take credit for being nostradamus, I've seen this play numerous times. You would have to nostradumbass not to know how it's going to end.

Alias said...

Sorry. I deleted my HD recording of the game. I was going to follow our play and look for you and DJC after work tonight, but after having seen the first half and that pitiful score, I could not bear to see the pain on my friends faces - even in paradise.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Go to a beach. Rent a bike. Ride as far up and back down the volcano as you can. Take some pictures. I don't think I'll ever make it to Hawaii. Maybe Italy some day?

MSmilie said...

Guys: Are you with me that it wouldn't be out of line for a change to be made when the team returns from Maui? Seriously. I think it would be good for a statement to be made regarding the immediate future of the basketball program. I don't know who you slide in there for the interim, and I certainly hate it for the seniors, but it's like they don't have a head coach now. It can't hurt. After the embarrassment of last night, losing to an average team at best, something needs to be done. Alabama is a joke right now. I've read several college basketball blogs that commented on how Alabama has no heart and they're the worst coached team in America, etc. This is terrible.

bobbyjack said...

I agree with you Mitchell, but that would require a large nut sack which I don't think we have in the athletic department. The only thing I take issue with is you calling Oregon an average team. They suck too, but are coached up.

I Tivoed the game from my slingbox so I watched it again last night. The funny thing is we sucked on replay too. I'm going to sit on the beach and do nothing all day. I'll send it to you Alias if you're up for pain.

Great pics BTW DJC... I got a few from the puddle jumper I flew from Kona to Maui I'll post later. We did the drive around the big island which rocked. So far I say the big island is more fun than Maui.

DJC said...

I'm still going to the games. I really don't know why, other than to support the players. I agree with Mitchell, I would go ahead and make the change. The problem is we don't have anyone on staff that I feel like could do a good job, they are all Gottfried clones, good recruiters, poor coaches. If we did pull the trigger, Pearson would be the interim, whether we like it or not, and I wouldn't.

I think we should go ahead and make the announcement that he won't be back next year, but let him finish out the season. You can do so in a respectful manner and begin the search for a new coach. Who knows, it may light a spark under the team. If you recall, we actually finished strong after making David Hobbs a lame duck. I suspect there will be many comparisons to David Hobbs this season.

MSmilie said...

Guys: Is anyone from the athletic department (Hart, Mal, etc.) in Maui watching what has happened so far? Regardless, you would hope they're discussing this latest debacle.

Alias said...

How do we register to create www.firemarkgottfried.com?

AL C. Hemist said...

I agree on going ahead and making a change. This team is in free fall. I don't think I've ever seen a team that looks so defeated this early in a season.

I hate it. The program from 2002-2005 looked like it was on the verge of doing some really big things.

DJC said...

Mitchell, Coach Moore is indeed here in Maui and sitting courtside. I spoke to him briefly before the game yesterday.