Wednesday, November 26, 2008

St Joseph's stats pack

Here ya go.

Jameer Nelson is not walking in that door, but they probably don't need him to beat us. After pasting Indiana yesterday they look to end this tournament on a successful note.

The stats:
- 45% FG
- 33% 3PT FG
- 72% FT
- -3.5 rebound margin
- 8.5 steals

Prediction: Bama by 7. I figure we'll somehow win this thing.


MSmilie said...

Just to prove I give credit when credit is due: Alabama, for once, responded when the other team made a run. In fact, they responded several times when St. Joe's made a run. That was encouraging.
The game wasn't pretty, but it was nice to see the team realize they had to play defense and rebound for a full 40 minutes.

The Good:

1. Alonzo Gee played his best game so far.
2. Yamene was big off the bench.
3. So did Jemison and Andrew.
4. Defense and rebounding won the game.

The bad:

1. Too many missed open jumpers.
2. I'm not crazy on Ron's decision-making at times. Too much dribbling. And it's painfully obvious that he can't blow by least not yet.
3. Head-scratching shot selection and turnovers will likely raise our blood pressure as fans for the rest of the year.

Alias said...

Sorry I missed the game. I was all set to watch it tonight. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

the really bad, if ron doesn't have that step back by now, exactly when will he get it back???

oregon knew squat about us yet figured out ron was a weak link quickly and exploited him at will. what will happen when we hit the sec schedule and coaches that know us intimately.

ron was a lottery pick. his mishandling borderlines criminal.

forgive me if i'm not impressed with the win over st. joes.

i want to see a legitimate 9 to 11 man rotation with a ron steele of old running it. i think after all the bullshit we've put up with out of this arrogant dumbass we deserve it.

i'm not holding my breath.