Sunday, November 30, 2008

this just in... the SEC sucks in basketball this year

As we approach December we got a total of one undefeated team left in the SEC. That's pretty damn sad. Let me list the bad losses:

Alabama- Mercer and Oregon
Arkansas- @ Missouri State
Auburn- Mercer (kings of the SEC?) and @ Dayton
Florida- Syracuse (probably not so bad, but were expected to win)
Georgia- Loyola, IL. When you have to add the location of the school you know it's a bad loss.
Kentucky- VMI
Mississippi St- Texas Tech
South Carolina- @ Charleston (probably not so bad being that the Cocks suck, but still)
Vanderbilt- Illinois (a middle of the road Little 11 team)

Tennessee lost to Gonzaga in the Old Spice Classic and LSU is undefeated (so far playing a ridiculous easy schedule).

At some point I'll post revised SEC predictions. There's a lot of crap to wade through in the conference.


MSmilie said...

In Auburn's defense, Dayton did beat Marquette by 15 the next night. Now, the Northern Iowa loss on the other hand.....

Syracuse is a heck of a lot better than people thought coming into the season.

Kentucky: I watched the two games they played in Vegas (Kansas State & West Virginia). They won, but they do not look good at all. They have no one - no one - who can handle the ball. In the Kansas State game they turned the ball over 31 times. 31 fricken times.

Tennessee is the class of the conference, by far. Gonzaga is a legitimate Final Four team so the Vols losing to them on a neutral court isn't a bad loss.

Still, the SEC looks terrible so far. At this point I can't see more than 4-5 teams making the tournament. You have to think some of the teams will improve as the season progresses.

bobbyjack said...

I have a feeling Syracuse will fade come January. The program has fallen hard since their NC.

Tennessee will get their revenge on Gonzaga as they host the Bulldogs later on in the season. While they're the class of the SEC, I'm not overly impressed with them.

I guess I was way off on Kentucky. I didn't think they'd suck again this early in the season, but they do. BG must be too busy chasing Wildcat coed tail instead of coaching.

DJC said...

I wouldn't call Texas Tech (Bobby Knight's boys are putting some points on the board), Syracuse, or Illinois bad losses, but yeah, the conference sucks. And the aubarn loss to Dayton was actually on a neutral court, in Hoffman Estates, IL, just outside of Chicago. The SEC needs a strong Kentucky in basketball, imo.

Anonymous said...

In Auburn's defense? What?!?!? They barely beat Texas Pan American. The SEC is rotten in basketball this year. If you think 4-5 teams will make the dance, I've got some prime oceanfront property for sale in Tennessee for you. Just drop me a line. LOLOL Moron. ROTTEN!!!!!!