Sunday, November 16, 2008

We lost to F'n Mercer? WTH? 72-69 Bears...

I'm glad I was flying during this debacle. We'll have to rely on DJC or one of the other bloggers for a recap... all I can give you is a box score.

How on earth did we get outrebounded 49-32? And despite forcing 16 turnovers and turning it over 6 times we still lost? It looks like Steele and Green were the only ones that showed up to play.

Let the fire CMG chants begin... this is unacceptable... and I'm being kind at the moment. Like Mitchell said in the comments, one game in and any hope for the basketball season are already squashed.

Only Kentucky put up a more pitiful performance on opening week.

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MSmilie said...

The only thing I can hope for at this point is that Bama finishes like USC did last year after they were beaten by Mercer in their opener.

And then I remember that Gottfried is nowhere near the coach Tim Floyd is and I lose all hope for this season again.

It's only one game, and the team could bounce back. But, damn, what does it say - what does it fricken say - for a coach and a team on the hot seat to come out and lose a game like this.

Fire him now, put an interim coach in charge, and begin the search in order to get a headstart on potential candidates.

If the team rebounds from this debacle, I'll eat my words. But I don't think they will. This loss tonight left me with the same feeling I had eight years ago when Alabama football went to play UCLA as the #2 team in the country and were thrashed, sending that team into a nosedive of a season.