Monday, December 01, 2008

Alabama A&M stats pack

This team is oh so close to being undefeated... but instead they're 0-2. Oakwood and Talledega went into Elmore Gym and squeaked by the mighty Bulldogs. From

This should boost our RPI as Alabama A&M comes in at a robust 343.

The stats:
- 36.8% FG
- 25.6% 3PT FG
- 67.3% FT
- +2.0 rebound margin
- .6 assist to turnover

I know nothing about them except for the fact that they aren't very good. They blew halftime leads in both of their losses. I suspect they won't be leading at halftime tomorrow.

Prediction: This is a scrimmage game... Bama by 15. I'd go higher, but every time I pick us to win by more than 20 we end up struggling to win.

EDIT- there's more people on the court than in the seats. Good times.
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