Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bama-Tenn St 12/17- 75-66 Final

To be honest I forgot we were playing tonight. After driving to and from Columbus, GA the last thing on my mind was bad college basketball.

I was told Ronald Steele didn't start tonight, due to a difference of opinion with the HC. I know nothing about this so I can't elaborate.

Gee led the way with 23 points with Yamene adding 14. Ronald Steele came off the bench to add 13.

Maybe someone will teach our big men that foul trouble is not your friend... unless they wanted some time off the court. Green should not have started out of the gate... it sent a bad message to the rest of the team. He needs to learn how to not foul... or at least not get silly ones.

Anyways, here's the box score for you to enjoy.

I hear there was a gathering at the game... between ths game and the one at Auburn tonight I believe the 2 name schools in the state drew a total of 1000 fans.


Anonymous said...

apparently steele did not start according to the box from the b'ham news.

he did score 13 with 6 ast.

it also has 8300 posted for attendance. who are they trying to bullshit with that???

Alias said...

I was not even aware that we were playing last night. Things have gotten so bad that not only do I not listen to the game but I am not even aware that we are playing. Thanks a lot, Gottfried!