Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chattanooga stats pack and a whole bunch of info squished into one post

They've played 4 ranked teams and gave two of them a game. It's likely this one will be close too. Anyways, here's the Mocs stats pack.

They have a quick turnaround as they played on 12/20 and won on the road at Mississippi valley State. You all know you just don't go into Itta Bena and expect to win. Anyways, they probably travelled from there straight to Tuscaloosa for the game Monday.

Steven McDonald is the one we got to contain. He's their leading scorer and best shooter (3s and at the line). Nicchaeus Doaks averages a double-double (13.4/10.4) so we'll need one of our big men to block out... if they're not in foul trouble.

The stats:
- .406 FG
- .340 3 PT FG
- .622 FT
- -3.8 rebound margin
- 19 turnovers a game

Prediction: Chattanooga is 1-7. While they played a pretty tough non-conference schedule so far, they did get blown out by Fairfield and East Tennessee State. As bad as we are I have to believe we'll somehow win this one although I wouldn't be surprised if they blew us out in the 2nd half. Anyways, Bama by 4.

SEC Rankings Week 2

1) Tennessee- despite a puzzling loss to Temple, they're still #1 'cause... no one else is close to them in the conference.
2) South Carolina- No impressive wins, but 8-1 is far better than they would've been last year.
3) Arkansas- They get tested next week. They recovered well since losing at Missouri State.
4) Florida- Impressive win over UCF. The last 2 years Florida has really played a cupcake non-conference schedule.
5) LSU- failed their first test (at Texas A&M).
6) Kentucky- been on quite a roll after another miserable start.
7) Mississippi- Their coach can beat up our coach.
8) Vanderbilt- they beat Bama A&M worse than we did.
9) Auburn- nice road win at Virginia.
10) Alabama- Big win over Tennessee (State). Nevermind.
11) Mississippi State- blown out by a mediocre Cincinnati squad.
12) UGA- Last second 3 gives them a dramatic win over Wofford. Wofford?

I predict there will be 4 SEC coaching changes at the end of this season. Depending on what happens to Andy Kennedy it could be 5.

SEC RPI (as of 12/16)
- Tennessee: 44
- Florida: 60
- Kentucky: 67
- Vanderbilt: 73
- Ole Miss: 76
- Auburn: 112
- South Carolina: 132
- LSU: 153
- Arkansas: 162
- UGA: 163
- Alabama: 176
- Mississippi St: 206

At least we're no longer last... although this didn't factor in that huge win over Tennessee State.


MSmilie said...

Who are the four coaching changes you see? Obviously Georgia and Alabama, but who else?

Lebo at Auburn seems very possible, but then he wins on the road at Virginia. Virginia isn't that good, but a road win in the ACC is a nice road win. Right now I think he's 50/50, and with the way the conference is shaping up, his team could easily win enough to keep him around one more year.

I do not believe Andy Kennedy will be fired unless something drastic is uncovered. For one thing, the school has publicly had his back since the day after the incident. Secondly, he's also suing the cab driver for defamation of character. Believe me, if the thing went down the way the cab driver said it did, all of this would have been handled quickly and as quietly as possible, with Ole Miss firing Kennedy immediately in an effort to save face.
No one of any consequence seems to believe that Kennedy did what he's been accused of. He'll make it through this. However, that's not going to save Ole Miss from a now potentially tough season with Polynice and, especially, Warren out for the year.

bobbyjack said...

Auburn and Kentucky. I don't believe CBG gets another year if his team struggles to make it to the NCAAs. I can see the IK big wigs pulling the plug on him if they're not a factor in the SEC this year.

I think AK should stay unless evidence proves what the cabbie said. Still, enough protesting might force Ole Miss to wither (sp?) under pressure. They'd be fools to do so.

While winning on the road is nice, let's not overlook that UVA pretty much sucks. Still, Auburn did something I doubt we'll do this year.

Anonymous said...

you have to hope kennedy has his stuff in one sock with his lawsuit.

discovery's a bitch, know what i mean???

bobbyjack said...

38-23 Bama at the half. Looks like a better crowd... maybe a 1000 there.

bobbyjack said...

Good effort by the team. The offense looked like something I'd see on TV. It's also good to get Hollinger rolling.