Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coleman clubs Chattanooga

Okay, Yamene wasn't a difference maker, but Gee and Knox were as Alabama blasts the Mocs 82-63.

The good:
- defensive clamp down... Mocs shot only 39% from the field.
- Gee with another solid game (20/4/4)
- Knox also played well
- Only 7 turnovers

The bad:
- 50% FT... on Coleman and Gee.
- Steele isn't shooting the ball well lately

I watched more of the Gators/Ga Southern game than this one. Florida tried to give that one away.

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MSmilie said...

The team played well last night. They were up for the game and took advantage of a team that has obviously been worn down by the killer schedule it has played.

One thing that I have been pleased with has been the play of Knox and Coleman. They're out there every night giving good effort and it's paid off with career nights for both the last two games. If they can stay solid and Green can stay in the game, it helps Bama's chances.

I was happy to see Hollinger finally break out of his slump. And I also thought Torrance played well with the minutes he was given. Hopefully Gottfried will give Mikhail more minutes.