Sunday, December 07, 2008

Crimson Castrates Cajuns

A solid win against a bad team. We played great defense tonight, but we were sluggish in the first half. Gee, Hillman, and Steele all had good games. Coleman and Knox got more playing time, and both did a good job on the boards and playing defense.

Earlier in the season I said that we were shooting too many 3's. Tonight, I don't think we shot enough. Of course, we were not shooting the ball very well, but we attempted very few jump shots. La-La was collapsing and double-teaming in the post, and we could have used some outside shots to open things up. On the positive side, we were able to get to the foul line and make our free throws.

The assist to turnover ratio was not very good. Part of this is due to Ron Steele going to the bench with 2 quick fouls in the first half. Brock did an adequate job running the point when Ron was on the bench.

Andrew Steele got a fair amount of playing time and played great defense. When Gottfried first put him in, he told him, "I don't want #23 to score," and I don't think he did when Andrew was guarding him.

We improved in a lot of areas from our last couple of games. We actually did a good job of moving the ball and penetrating the zone. We finally out rebounded somebody, but it helped that we were able to foul out their big guy with almost 10 minutes remaining. Our man to man defense was smothering, and our transition defense was excellent. We still have a long way to go as far as taking care of the ball and putting points on the board is concerned, but if we can bring that defense every night we should at least be competitive against anyone on our schedule.

This may have been the smallest crowd I've ever seen at Coleman. Obviously, there are a number of reasons for this. Noon on a Sunday after the football team was in the Championship game last night was probably too early for a lot of people coming back from the game. The bible thumpers, a significant portion of our fan base, did not have time to make it after church. Still, I would have expected more than the 300 or so people who showed up. There were at least 3 sections that were ENTIRELY empty. There was a grand total of 5 people in the Mark's Madness section. Section S, where the band is located, consisted of the band and 3 other people. I don't imagine it would have been much worse if we had played last night as originally planned.

Up next, final exams for the players this week before the Texas A&M aggies come to town Saturday night. Good luck to all of our players on their exams.


Hville said...

FYI, Hollinger graduates on Saturday. Congratulations to him...

Alias said...

My man Hollinger! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Hollinger needs to find a job so he doesn't have to play for this putrid team in January.