Friday, December 19, 2008

A passionate plea to the Alabama Athletic Department...

DO NOT let Mark Gottfried coach this team going into SEC play. Find a way behind the scenes to sever ties or go ahead and flat out fire him, but you CANNOT allow the apathy this program is under to spread any more than it has already. Do you like seeing 700 or so fans at a college game when capacity is roughly 16,000? You do realize that the longer these "gatherings" continue the harder it's going to be to find us a new coach next season. I have to believe Gottfried is gone at the end of the year so letting him go now and giving the reins to one of his assistants (Pettway would be my choice) won't cost you a thing.

I remember the final years of the Hobbs regime. Apathy was rampant, but never did I see crowds as small as the ones this season under Gottfried. Most season ticket holders have decided it's not worth the gas to see crappy basketball. A simple change would bring some of them back this year. If you don't want to do this, maybe you should move our home games to a more quaint environment... like the Rec Center. That way 700 fans looks like a lot of folks care. I would've suggested the basketball courts behind Paty Hall, but I'm not sure if they're still there.

I travelled to Hawaii to watch us play Oregon. Truth be told it was an excuse to go to Hawaii again, but I was interested in potentially playing North Carolina on 11/25. While I thought there was a chance we'd lose to Oregon, never did I think we'd get dismantled the way we did in the 2nd half. I did not attend another game. I decided I'd rather sit on the beach than to watch any more of that crap we're calling basketball. That game was when I threw in the towel for this season. I was late... as many already threw the towel in after an embarrassing home opening loss to Mercer. In both games, coaching was the reason we lost.

The longer the athletic department allows CMG to coach this season, the harder it's going to be for the next HC to turn this ship around. We are out to sea in a rowboat with no oars. We're drifting aimlessly right now.

They say players take the attitude of their coach. Take a good look at our current roster and tell me this isn't true. Heck, I'll be even more direct... take a look at Alonzo Gee. He was phenomenal his freshman year... played defense, took the ball to the basket, had a decent mid range jumper and the most important part... he busted his ass. Look at him now... he's not the same player.

In conclusion, if the athletic department give a half of crap about the basketball program they need to act now. You might get better effort from the players and I'm damn sure you'll see more than 700 fans at a home game.

The tag line of this blog was meant to be a joke. Now "Dude, we play basketball?" defines our program. I'd really like the tag line to be a sarcastic joke again.


DJC said...

I want him gone as much as the next guy, but canning him midseason does us no good. They aren't going to hand the reigns over to Pettway, and I'd much rather have CMG coaching this team than Phillip Pearson.

I think you go ahead and announce his termination, but let him finish as a lame duck coach. This might motivate him to try to win some games to improve his chances of getting another job, and it allows us to go ahead and start the coaching search.

If we fire him midseason, all the headlines will be, "After slow start, Bama fires only coach to ever take them to elite 8."

From a PR perspective, and from a basketball perspective, I think we are better off letting him finish the season. If we announce that he is a lame duck, I think a lot of the fans will come back out to support the players.

bobbyjack said...

Fire him now and more fans show up the rest of the season. Letting him "walk the plank" by finishing the season further kills the fanbase and the hopes of bringing in anyone worth a crap to replace him.

LSU played better after Brady was let go.

Anonymous said...

We have a coach that can't coach and can't find basketball players to play for him. That is why he recruits athletes.

Anonymous said...

at this point the best u can hope for is a hobbs/dubose scenario. fire him now and let him finish the season.

they're not going to "hang 'em high". just not going to. he's the mike shula of basketball.

think about it.

mal didn't want to fire mike shula. he told shula he expected change and wanted a plan for it. (translation: new assistants) shula called his bluff and MADE mal act.

(and aren't we glad shula was so damn stubborn in the end! and glad rich rod got cold feet!)

i'm not saying it will happen exactly that way but i am saying they don't want to fire him. he's "family". (sorry pat)

that's why i've advocated boycotting the games. that's THEN ONLY way we as a fanbase can realistically affect a change.

no bailouts.

bobbyjack said...

I believe it's a discredit to the seniors to let him man the ship the rest of the season. They deserve better coaching... or at least a different approach to what HAS NOT been working.

Start conference play with a clean slate... and a new direction. I bet that would propel this team to compete for the SEC West if not win the damn thing.

The longer the AD allows 700+ gatherings to be the norm at Coleman, the harder it's going to be to convince a decent coach to come here.