Friday, December 05, 2008

Ragin Cajuns stats pack

Forget Saturday's gridiron matchup with the Gators, this is the one everyone's dying to see on Sunday!

Stats pack here.

After losing their 1st three, LA-Lafayette (AKA- Louisiana) has come on to win 2 in a row... including an exciting OT home win over the mighty Oral Roberts. One of their 3 losses came on the road at Utah Valley by 30 points. We all know how hard it is to escape the Mckay Center with a victory (actually they're undefeated at home, but still... losing by 30 points).

Enough of that... you want some stats:

- 41.6% FG
- 32.3% 3PT FG
- -5.6 rebound margin
- 67.7% FT
- 13.8 turnovers per game

They have 4 guys in double figures in scoring with Travis Bureau and Tyren Johnson leading the way. Bureau jacks up most of their 3s to a 46% clip so we need to watch him from beyond the arc. He's also tall (6'7") so I think he'll go off on us unless we put Gee on him. Johnson is their leading rebounder.

Prediction: Bama by 6. Torrance is the difference maker as we extend our winning streak to 4 in a row.


Unknown said...

They are going to need to fix that defensive rebounding margin in order to win more games. How many points are they giving up a game?

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bobbyjack said...

Now that the basketball team has the longest winning streak of all the major sports, it's time to get behind the basketball team as we roll our way to a 13-2 non-conference schedule. Ok, Clemson probably beats us, but we should end up with at most 4 losses going into very weak SEC schedule.

Bama-Utah in the Sugar reeks of a UGA-Hawaii blowout. Not a bad way to end the season... I'm proud of the football team!

BTW- I'll add you to the link list.

Anonymous said...

I thought Torrance would be the difference maker as well, but Gottfried didn't even let him play AT ALL once again. Wow! I believe he could have made a difference, but anyway we'll see how next game rolls out.

The first half of this game was awful.