Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ranking the SEC- Week of 12/8/08

I'll try to do this weekly, but with the day job it might not happen as often as I like.

1) Tennessee- obviously the class of the conference... and our only hope in the postseason. Next game- 12/13 at Temple

2) LSU- undefeated only because they've played cupcakes. Next game- 12/13 vs Grambling.

3) South Carolina- a 2 point loss at College of Charleston isn't as bad as I initially thought. They bounced back by drubbing Princeton. Next game- 12/17 vs Coastal Carolina.

4) Florida- lost a close one at FSU, but so far I think they're disappointing. Next game- 12/10 vs Florida Gulf Coast (didn't know that was a real school).

5) Arkansas- cupcake schedule so far, but it'll toughen up around New Years. Losing to Missouri St was a headscratcher. Next up- 12/10 vs North Carolina Central.

6) Mississippi State- struggled with Bama State... won the games they should've and lost the ones they should've. Next up- 12/10 vs Charlotte.

7) Ole Miss- close home loss to West Va, but overall IMO better than I thought they'd be. Next game- 12/13 at New Mexico.

8) Alabama- I'd put us lower, but the teams below are even worse than us. At least we've won 4 in a row. Next up- 12/13 vs Texas A&M.

9) Kentucky- again with the slow start? Even though Miami is supposed to be a decent team, there's no way they should go into Rupp and win. Next up- 12/13 vs Indiana.

10) Auburn- worst record in the conference, but they were competitive against Xavier. Next game- 12/17 vs Tuskegee.

11) Vanderbilt- getting pummelled at home by UIC last week? Not good. Next game- 12/10 vs Alabama A&M.

12) Georgia- got throttled at Illinois and generally unimpressive even in victory. I suspect they'll be occupying the bottom third of this weekly list all year long. Next up- 12/9 vs Virginia Tech.

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