Thursday, December 11, 2008

The SEC and current RPI rating

Tennessee- 43
Ole Miss- 46
Florida- 51
Vanderbilt- 76
Auburn- 77
Kentucky- 83
Arkansas- 121
South Carolina- 129
Mississippi St- 142
LSU- 145
UGA- 198
Alabama- 232

Read the entire list here. you gotta hit the dropdown for RPI to see it.

232... I knew it was gonna suck, but 232? For reference our losses are to Mercer (114) and Oregon (92). Our wins over Bama A&M (307), St Joe's (115), Florida A&M (290), and LA-Lafayette (309) are dragging us down.


MSmilie said...

No doubt about it, the SEC is the worst of the power conferences so far this year. I'll be shocked if more than four teams make it to the tournament this year.

bobbyjack said...

I was thinking 3 teams as of now... Tennessee is the only lock of the bunch.