Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SEC Ranking Week 3

1) Arkansas- impressive win over Oklahoma. Michael Washington has come on strong the last few weeks.
2) Tennessee- their win over Georgetown looks even more impressive. Why did they drop to #2? Arkansas' domination of #4 OU.
3) Florida- what a cupcake nonconference schedule they've played. They should be better than that.
4) South Carolina- lost at home to Clemson, but still a solid team.
5) LSU- see Florida.
6) Kentucky- they keep on rolling. Let's see what they do at Louisville.
7) Auburn- they beat Bama A&M worse than we did.
8) Vanderbilt- 4 in a row over cupcakes winning by 19+ each game.
9) Alabama- 4 in a row, but not impressive in 2 of them.
10) UGA- thank God for Mississippi is what they're saying.
11) Ole Miss- injuries have decimated them, but still... getting hammerred by the fighting Eustachys?
12) Miss St- lost to San Diego at home. Kentucky did that last year and made the NCAAs... I doubt MSU does the same.

Happy New Year everyone... I'll drink me a Shark Attack (or 12) at Tropical Isle for my peeps.


DJC said...

No hand grenades? I'm heading down there for the game on the 2nd. Found a ride back early Saturday morning, so I'll make the Ga. Tech game. I may not be awake, but I'll be there.

Alias said...

I'll see you at the Tech game.

MSmilie said...

I know it's only one game but I was really impressed by Arkansas last night. They certainly look like the team to beat in the SEC West now.
How in the hell did any of the Alabama teams let Fortson get away?

bobbyjack said...

Hand grenades too... just got to mix it up.