Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory- Bama falls 86-78

I'm absolutely disgusted. The team put forth great effort, but crappy coaching in the final couple of minutes put this game in OT and A&M took over. I'm too pissed to link stats. EDIT- I'm still pissed, but here are the stats.

I'm a big Torrance fan, but you don't put him in the game FOR THE FIRST TIME with under a minute to go thinking he'll sink FTs if fouled. He did hit the front end to give us a 3 point lead.

A&M possession... HOW IN THE HOLY HELL do you NOT FOUL and allow them to shoot a 3? Well folks, that's what happenned and we went to OT. I knew the ending to this story.

The good:
- shut down Josh Carter late in the 2nd half. He was killing us early.
- only turned the ball over 8 times

The bad:
- last minute coaching
- Outrebounded late in the 2nd half and in OT bad.
- FT shooting was pathetic... especially late in the 2nd half and OT.
- Green has got to learn about tick tac fouls away from the basket. Losing him killed us.

I have to question why certain players are logging serious minutes while other productive players from last season get a cup of coffee on the court. My frustration with the coaching staff is well documented... and if I type what I really feel we might have to make this a rated R board.

We should've won this game... going away.

Listening to CMG's post game... it's the same old excuses long time basketball fans have heard. If anyone buys what he's saying I got some swampland in Nebraska to sell you.


MSmilie said...

Don't worry, we won't hear his excuses in three months.

bobbyjack said...

I hope you're right. Watching us play hoops is a buzzkill to the college basketball season.

Tom Emanski should do a video on basketball (if he hasn't already) and use this season as things not to do to get the most out of your players. Not that the video would be worth a crap anyways, but it would be a start.

For those that don't get the above reference... google is your friend.

Anonymous said...

wow, chill with the negative vibes, man.

Anonymous said...

No, keep the negative vibes because it's the ABSOLUTE truth. Once again, how can CMG expect someone to hit freethrows after warming the bench the ENTIRE game until 14 seconds before the ending. Torrance's hands were clearly COLD from riding the bench all day, but I agree this coach needs a wake up call!!