Friday, December 12, 2008

Texas A&M stats pack

We go for the trifecta against A&M schools... although this one might be a wee bit tougher tham Bama and Florida A&M. Just a hunch. Anyways, here's their season stats.

For kicks, here's their press release about this monumental matchup.

They're 6-1, but not all that impressive. They nipped a mediocre Arizona team in their last game, but other than that.... eh. They did lose to Tulsa in South Padre Island who looked to be a decent squad until losing at Ohio and getting crushed by Oklahoma.

I admit, outside of a couple of minutes against Tulsa I haven't seen much of A&M this year... and the short time that I did I was getting my body adjusted back to east coast time from Hawaii so my attention span wasn't up to snuff. I saw good interior defense, but they were slow covering the perimeter and had an even harder time scoring than us (I know that sounds unbelievable, but it's true).

The stats:
- 44% FG
- 36% 3PT FG
- 68% FT
- +5.4 rebound margin
- roughly 6 steals per game

Prediction: We need to shut down Josh Carter... do that and we should win. Don't and we might be get an Oregon type smackdown. If A&M continues to leave guys open beyond the arc we could give them an Oregon type beat down... if we take advantage of it. I look for Ronald Steele to go off. Maybe we'll have a Torrance sighting as he seems to be the only guard we got that can actually drive it to the basket past defenders and NOT BOUNCE IT OFF HIS FOOT! We complete the A&M sweep... Bama in an ugly 60-56 win for 5 in a row. I'll take it and smile.


Anonymous said...

there's one good thing about our situation at the moment.

we don't have to listen to gottfried whine about attendance.

the last thing he wants right now is any type of spotlight.

bobbyjack said...

Terrible coaching forcing this to OT. 1st putting in a cold Torrance to hit FTs then not fouling A&M before the last shot.

MSmilie said...

Yeah. How you don't design a play specifically for Ron Steele to touch the ball in that situation is mind-boggling. That's what I mean by this staff never putting the players in situations to benefit them. How does putting Torrance in that position help him? Free throw shooting down the stretch was the key stat (sound familiar?) but Bama wins the game if Steele or even Gee goes to the line instead of Torrance.
And, yes, one has to wonder if the coaching staff watched the Kansas-Memphis game from last season. If they had they would have known what happens if you don't foul with a 3-point lead.

Oh, just let it end quickly.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Torrance was put into the game because he has the best shooting average on the team, which is like 92 or 93%; however, he sat on the bench the ENTIRE game and never touched a ball, & everyone expects him to make it? Let's be serious, when he's in the game, he hits them all, only missing 1, now 2, this season. You can't just base an entire game off a missed freethrow, CMG should have been COACHING and everyone else should have been PLAYING...It was a bad coaching call to put someone who hasn't played the entire time into the game, but he's giving him sloppy playing minutes, if any!! It's time for this coach to go!