Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who's your 2nd favorite college basketball team?

Being that my favorite one is going to bring more pain than joy, I'm going to pay closer attention to my 2nd favorite team. Wait... I don't have a 2nd favorite team anymore since St John's went from the Red Men to the Red Storm (and they make us look like North Carolina right now).

Guess I need to go down the list of teams I enjoy watching... and root for:

1) North Carolina- I admit this one's too easy, but I have been rooting for them since the late 80s... and despised Duke during that same span. Watching them under Roy Williams is a thing of beauty... it's night and day from what most Alabama fans are used to.

2) UCLA- I followed them closely under the Lavin years. They underachieved in the regular season, but ended up inthe Sweet Sixteen I beileve 4 times. That's still underachieving for UCLA and he was promptly fired when they did miss the NCAAs. While they're a much better team under Howland, they sure are boring to watch.

3) St John's- I'd like to, but I still can't get over the name change. Besides, I already have misery in my favorite team so why double the dosage. Big ups for Mike Jarvis for decimating a once proud program (sarcasm off).

4) UNLV- I loved the Runnin' Rebels in the late 80s/early 90s and I'm glad they're becoming relevant again. As good as Lon Kruger is I still miss Tark the Shark.

5) Arkansas- I know... how could I like another team in the SEC? Obviously, I'll never root for them over us, but I do hope they do well every year. Here's my rationale:
A) It makes the household calm (wife is a big Razorback fan) and
B) A strong Arkansas is good for the rest of the SEC.

6) Georgia Tech- my adopted local team. Like us, they had a flukey tournament run and haven't done much since. Still, being I dislike all things UGA it's natural for me to pull for their rival.

Unrelated... and I doubt anyone cares, but I have chosen my new favorite NFL team. I guess I've lived here long enough to root for a local team and it might as well be the Atlanta Falcons. The playoff bound Atlanta Falcons. They still could win the division and be the 2nd seed, but more than likley they're the 5 seed. Regardless, it's been a great year for them.


DJC said...

I'll go with Kentucky as my distant 2nd favorite. Class program, and I've never had a bad trip to Rupp. As with Arkansas, the SEC needs a strong Kentucky.

I also like UNC because I hate Duke and it is MJ's alma mater.

I like Gonzaga because I actually had them going deep in the tourney the first year they made a run. I also have a bit of a man crush on Mark Few. I believe he may be the best coach in the country.

Alias said...

Kentucky always has been my second favorite team. There is no team in third place, but I have adopted USA this season. I really enjoy watching live college basketball and their arena is only ten minutes from my house.

I appreciate BobbyJack's need to keep harmony in the household but I do not and will not like the Razorbacks. I vowed to be present for their first trip to Coleman Coliseum after they knocked us out of the NCAA Tournament the year before. That turned out to be the first of my dozens of late night trips to watch the Tide play mid week. I try not to miss any home games against Kentucky, Arkansas or M$U.

MSmilie said...

I like Gonzaga as well. I like the fact that they went from nothing to an annual top 20 team, much like Xavier, which is another team I really like. It proves that if a coach is patient and doesn't bolt for the big money, and of course has the coaching talent, then you can be successful at one school. Hopefully Sean Miller realizes this.

However, Georgia Tech is probably my second favorite team, which makes next week's game very interesting for me. Growing up, I was a big fan of the Cremins teams with players such as Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott, Travis Best, James Forrest and, yes, even Stephon Marbury. I think Paul Hewitt has done a goo job there, but the lapse in tournament appearances is pushing him into Gottfried territory.