Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yale scares Tide, but come up short 66-63

We had a comfortable lead, but Yale came back to scare the crap out of the gathering at Coleman. How do you not put a team like this away... oh wait we suck too. Anyways, here's your box score.

At least we learned something from the Texas A&M game... we fouled up by 3.

The good:
- We won... and held Yale to 36% from the field.
- 17/21 from the line
- Gee continues to play well

The bad:
- did not put Yale away.
- 25% 3 PT FG... we're not very good beyond the arc.
- 42 to 41 rebound edge... we should've dominated the boards.

Another ho-hum win, but it's better than an embarrassing loss. Next up Quincy on the 30th where we should extend this winning streak to 4 games. Yippee!

I'm completely miffed at CMG's substitution patterns (again). It looks like yet again he's settled on 7 guys seeing the court. Hollinger is barely seeing the court which is better than Jemison not getting a sniff of it. At least Torrance gets some PT now. If you want to know why we have such a high attrition rate take another long look at CMG's use of the roster. Maddening.


MSmilie said...

One thing that is apparent: Jamychal Green is extremely important to this team. Yale did the majority of their damage once Green had to leave the game due to being cut [no foul call though. go figure]. Factor this in with how the team has struggled when Green is out with foul trouble and it becomes apparent how necessary he is. Oh, and how much better Alabama would have been if Richard Hendrix had returned to school. [which he should have since he was recently released by Golden State].

And yes, Finebammer, I know it's because Gottfried is the spawn of Satan, who ruins every basketball player who comes through the program. I figured I'd save you the trouble of putting those cramped and gnarled hands to the keyboard yet again to write the same rubbish you always contribute.

Anonymous said...

we won, right???

bobbyjack said...

Hendrix absolutely made the right choice in leaving. He peaked here... and he got himself $448K this season. He'll probably have a nice career in Europe. Don't feel bad for RH.