Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yale stats pack

We look to extend our wining streak to 3 in a row against the mighty Bulldogs of Yale. Yale looks to outsmart us on the court as they aren't close in talent. Anyways, here's their season stats.

They did beat Oregon State (and the President elect's son-in-law) in Corvallis, but that's not much to hype being that the Beavers suck. Still, it's a road win so we better be prepared. Overall they're 2-6 and haven't played in almost 3 weeks.

I have not seen them play... if anyone has I commend you for your complete dedication to college basketball. The only way I'll watch Ivy League sports is if I have money on it.

The stats:
- 42% FG
- 28% 3 PT FG
- 67% FT (you'd think an Ivy league school would be better than that)
- -3.7 rebound margin
- Roughly 19 turnovers a game

Prediction: Yale sucks... bad. We should beat them silly in front of a capacity crowd (ok, more like a gathering). Bama by 18.

Gametime is 6PM on 12/28... you can watch it for free on


MSmilie said...

I'm worried how focused the team will be following the Christmas break. They should win, but I'm willing to bet it ain't pretty

Anonymous said...

now mitchell, haven't you heard? a win is a win is a win, blah blah blah.

and you have to play the teams on your schedule. it's not the player's fault.

and, hey, if you can't get behind a gottfried team on a three game win streak against anybody, well you just ain't a "good" fan.

i think i'll buy the remaining season tickets, throw them in the air at the front steps of coleman, then after the game get in the gottfried fallacio line with the rest of the real alabama basketball fans.

now that's truly mark's madness!

MSmilie said...

finebammer: write only coherent sentences when addressing me, sir. I don't go in for your frothing nonsense.

bobbyjack said...

Can't we all get along?

Think good thoughts... like the NY Yankees spending $400+ million on 3 players and still cutting salary costs by $20 million.