Saturday, January 17, 2009

Auburn stats pack

Here you go.

Prediction: We're like 1-17 in our last 18 road games. While this on paper might be the winnestable (is that even a word?) until we actually win one on the road I can't go against the numbers. Auburn by 8.

Listen online here.

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neednewcoach said...

Sorry, Auburn needs a new basketball coach because they did not hire a real coach.

Barbee came to Auburn from UTEP where he scarfed up a group of Memphis kids who could not stay in Memphis. I think one player came to UTEP, had to sit out the first semester and played the second semester and then went to the NBA. I wonder how his grades were.

The point is Barbee had a one time recruiting success at UTEP building off of Memphis kids. Now, he does not seem to be able to win against community college type schools and we will see if he can really recruit.

He just does not look like a Coach K or John Wooden.

Watch him closely when he coaches, is he really coaching or trying to look pretty!

I hope I am wrong for the sake of my alma mater.