Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bama bashes GA Tech 88-77...

... the final score is not indicative of how much we dominated. The game was over 5 minutes into the 2nd half... although GA Tech never quit and cut the lead from 30 to 11 in the last 8 minutes.

Box Score

The good:
- That was the Ronald Steele of old. Easily his best game of the season.
- Out rebounded a bigger team.
- Defensive intensity... just about every shot was contested the first 30 minutes. The 48% FG is inflated... they hit a bunch of shots when the game was already decided.

The bad:
- didn't finish the game... let GA Tech creep back. The game was in hand already, but still... FINISH! Could've rested the starters and let the bench play more.
- FT shooting... 58% is not going to cut it.
- Green fouled out again. He's got to be more disciplined. Knox also fouled out and Coleman did his best to join them with 4.

Alias and DJC attended the game and probably have more detailed info so stay tuned. Those 2 probably combined to drive 8 hours to see the team play.


Anonymous said...

in the end, they did what they were supposed to do:

defend home court.

beat a not so good team.

bunny hop.

Unknown said...

Great game.

BTW guys, did you get an e-mail about an SEC b-ball powerpoll? I had recommended ya'll for it and was wondering if they went through with it.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: They played a hell of a game (well, for 30 minutes). Give them credit for once, you old bastard.

bobbyjack said...

Got it TideDruid and responded to it. Thanks.

Alias said...

What is that thing Druid was mentioning? Please email me if you can't answer here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

mitch, i gave them all the credit they were due.

you're supposed to win at home.

(especially when you're playing an average, i'm being kind, opponent)

gottfried's beaten you down too.

this win will mean ZERO in march.