Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cats Clamp Down on Crimson

Everyone knows Jody Meeks is one of the best players in the SEC. He got his points, but overall we did a pretty good job defensively on him. Senario played great defense as did Andrew in the halfcourt, but he burned us a few times in transition, and made some tough shots. Overall, we played pretty good on defense. Our offense was pathetic. As good as Senario was on defense, he was putrid on offense. In the first half, it seemed like our offense was to get the ball to Senario on the wing and let him take a contest fade-away from about 15 feet. He was 1 for 8 at one point. Part of this is due to the fact that nobody else could get open. We are one of the worst screening teams in the country, and our spacing is horrible.

There were two key calls that went against us. The first was the technical on Gottfried that followed that a blown call. The ref baited CMG while the other ref called the technical from the other side of the court. The other came late in the game when Senario Hillman was fouled from behind after a steal on a breakaway, there was no call, and Kentucky got an easy basket at the other end. Nevertheless, we had a few calls go our way too, and a decent team should be able to overcome those types of calls, especially at home.

Once again we were awful late in the game. Once UK got the lead up by more than two possessions, we had no composure. We started taking bad, contested shots early in the shotclock, and this allowed the Cats to stretch the lead out to 9. Kentucky made some bad mistakes late in the game that could have let us back in the game, but we wasted our opportunities. Free throw shooting continues to be awful.

Torrance did not have a good game at all. He is much better in transition, but we were forced to play more of a slow paced, halfcourt game. On the positive side, our big men did a good job of defending Patterson. It's hard to win when you can't score, turn the ball over, and can't make a free throw. Kentucky plays as good on defense as anyone we will see.

Congrats to a decent Kentucky team, they may be the best the SEC has to offer this year, and I hope they go on to have a great season. Our thoughts and prayers are with their player who suffered some sort of medical emergency at the start of the second half.

Up next, we travel to Fayetteville, Arkansas to take on the Razorbacks Thursday night at 8pm Central Time. It will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2. Arkansas has big wins over Oklahoma and Texas, but is struggling against SEC teams, losing today at home to a bad auburn team by more than 20 points. I suspect they will get their first conference win against us.


Anonymous said...

It's frustrating to lose these games but it's pretty evident that we'll be lucky to make the NIT this year and it's also been obvious for a few years now that unless Gottfried has some SERIOUS talent, the team can't overcome his inability to coach.

He's a decent recruiter and has done a lot for the program but he's overstayed his welcome. There are too many good coaches at small schools who would do great at Bama.

Anonymous said...

the only thing mark gottfried has "done a lot for" is his own wallet.

the elite eight WAS A FLUKE!


(and that was borne out by his losing the very next game, then followed by the season's downward spiral that year)

mark gottfried is nothing more than a failed experiment.

it's way far past time for the next chapter in alabama basketball.

Anonymous said...

I know it is only perception, but I felt Alabama was the best coached team Kentucky played this year.

Your team played very well. We appreciate it. I will root for Alabama to win the rest of the year against everyone but Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

yeah, o k, i'd bet you'd LOVE to see gottfried retained.

especially with the clown you guys have.

you're not fooling anybody with that routine.

we've already heard it from bruce pearl.

that was one of the sloppiest kentucky performances in modern history and gottfried still couldn't win in his own gym.

what, alabama scores 6 pts. in the last seven minutes???

there's a smoke detector in my back pocket, o k.

go blow your smoke up somebody else's ass.