Friday, January 30, 2009

Change of plans

No court on Monday, which means I get to fly home this weekend and catch the first home game of the Post-Gottfried era! I know, nobody cares, but I'm excited about getting home.

To make this post somewhat relevant and interesting, I note that Bobby Knight's name has been seriously mentioned in some rumors. He was a good coach, and would bring us a lot of publicity, but his best days are way behind him, and he certainly wouldn't be a long term solution. Not to mention the fact that while I find him funny and entertaining, he is a classless jackass that I would not want representing my University. I think we can do better.


bobbyjack said...

I disagree. I'd be happy if he was our next head coach. Besides, there's room for another jackass on campus.

He's far better than some of the mid-major coaches people keep hyping.

Anonymous said...

itd make our bball team relevant in a hurry. People would go to the games finally

MSmilie said...

Please, people who support Bob Knight, look at his last few complete seasons. The man is a living legend, but DJC is right, his best days are behind him. The best you could hope for is a season or two. Not to mention recruiting would be as dry as a bone. Whether you agree with it or not, modern top-ranked players don't want to play for someone like Bob Knight. This is a bad idea and it needs to be laid to bed.

The quotes made by Mike Anderson lead me to believe he's at the top of the list right now.

Anonymous said...

besides the fact that bob knight ain't coming to alabama. he's a serious basketball coach with zero ties here.

niether is john calipari.

or rick pitino.

or rick barnes.

or coach k.

or roy williams.

click your heels three times and say, "..........................

bobbyjack said...

BK is not my #1 choice, but he'd be a home run hire. It would bring energy to the fanbase.

We would be well coached. That's a drastic change over the past 15 years.

Finebammer... don't be such a negative nellie... even though history tells us we probably end up disappointed in the hire.

Anonymous said...

Alabama is not man enough to hire the General. Alabama will hire some no name coach.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the reasons we might not hire him, The General DOES have ties to Alabama. He comes here often to hunt and fish.
And BTW, he knows more about our basketball program than most of our fans. Sure, he probably won't be chosen, but I believe he's closer to coming here than Anthony Grant is.

(I say we hire some 'no-name' X's and O's guy and let Saban recruit for BOTH sports!)

Anonymous said...

not being negative, being realistic.

bobby knight and nick saban can't exist on the same campus.

bj, i've always wondered when wimp was having the affair with the clerk why someone above him didn't pull him to the side and address it BEFORE it got out of hand. nothing like that occurs in a vaccuum. somebody (usually EVERYBODY) knows. i was told by someone close to the program hootie ingram knew and chose to let wimp hang himself because he wanted wimp out. wimp had moved into bryant's old office and had gotten a bit to big for his britches to suit ingram. ingram thought him untouchable because of his popularity. of course there's no way he could have known it would blow up like it did but i think he did let it blow. he wanted rid of sanderson.

fast forward to today. throw knight into that same football flunkie mentality. (and trust me, it still exists) it's a recipe for disaster. sanderson cocksure, arrogant, opinionated? meet your granddaddy, bobby knight. (and throw in occasionally violent)(well, sanderson was too, eh?) my point is multiply sanderson by 100 and you've got knight.

you may think you want him. I LIKE THE GUY. but when they finish firing him, they'll shut down the basketball program for good.

alabama basketball is mid-major hoops. that's may be negative to some but it's the truth. it's all they want down there. win a couple of games in the dance occasionally and bring home the check.

knight would be too great a culture shock for a coach whose best days are long behind him anyway.

just keepin' it real, bud.