Monday, January 05, 2009

Clemson stats pack, revised SEC predictions, and current SEC RPI rankings

We travel to Littlejohn Coliseum to play the #12 ranked (and undefeated) Clemson Tigers. I hear they might be a pretty good team. Here's Clemson's stats pack.

A few years ago they were undefeated, but ended up in the Not Invited Tournament after tanking in the ACC. I don't think that'll be the case this year. They've got some impressive wins at Illinois, South Carolina, Miami, and Charlotte. We on the other hand have some impressive road/neutral site wins over... nobody.

The stats:
- 50% FG
- 37.5 3PT FG
- 69% FT
- +3.8 rebound margin
- almost 7 blocked shot per game

Trevor Booker is going to give us fits inside despite being a smallish PF (6'7"). He's their leading rebounder and one of the leaders in FG percentage (58%). K.C. Rivers is their leading scorer. I assume Hillman gets him defensively. Delmontez Stitt (the 1st time I saw that name I read it wrong and laughed) will push Steele at the point. He's lightning quick.

Prediction: I know everyone's thinking this will be a Clemson blowout, but they did somewhat struggle with East Carolina so there's some hope. Not a whole lot of hope, but there's a glimmer. Saying that, we know if Alabama gets down double digits in the 2nd half we tend to fold like a cheap tent. I say we keep it close for a half and then comes the pain. Clemson by 15.

SEC Predictions (revised)
As the non-conference slate comes to an end I think I've seen enough of every team in the SEC to try this again (g).

SEC East
1) Tennessee (11-5)- they seem to have defensive lapses, but lucky them that most teams in the SEC don't play offense.
2) Kentucky (10-6)- like last year, SEC play is just what the doctor needs.
3) South Carolina (10-6)- the surprise of the east so far... winning at Baylor impressed me.
4) Florida (9-7)- all the talent in the world, but it hasn't come together for them as of yet. Maybe they hit their stride and compete with Tennessee, but I doubt it.
5) Vanderbilt (6-10)- if they were in the west they'd be better. I can't see them splitting with Tenn, UF, and Kentucky.
6) UGA (4-12)- Dennis Felton is a good coach... at the wrong job. I don't think his hard core discipline works in Athens. He'll be back with a mid major and recapture success.

SEC West
1) Arkansas (11-5)- Fortson seems to be the real deal. Weren't they picked last in the SEC West. A scary enthusiastic young team.
2) LSU (9-7)- win out at home and steal one on the road. Their size is going to cause problems in the west.
3) Auburn (7-9)- probably not good enough to save his job. Like Felton he's a good coach in a bad job.
4) Alabama (7-9)- if we play like we did against Ga Tech I'd flip the record. I tend to go with the body of work instead of abnormalities.
5) Ole Miss (6-10)- injuries decimated this team. They'll lose a lot of close games.
6) Miss St (6-10)- Stewart and Varnado have to play well EVERY GAME for them to win. That's a lot of pressure.

I realize this is from Dec 30th, but I wanted to put this out there.
Tennessee: 29
Florida: 66
Kentucky: 76
Ole Miss: 79
Vanderbilt: 83
Arkansas: 96
LSU: 103
Auburn: 110
South Carolina: 157
Mississippi State: 184
UGA: 189
Alabama: 235

Looking at the SEC West and the non-conference slate, the most impressive win was Arkansas' home win over the Sooners. Auburn's road win at UVA sadly is 2nd best.


Anonymous said...

did you watch uk - louvl???

the wildcats don't seen to have a three point threat at all.

bobbyjack said...

Meeks will step it up something... I got to think.

MSmilie said...

Kentucky will be in the race for the East division; Tennessee isn't good enough defensively this year to run away with it. Plus, Florida remains a threat because of the talent they have. South Carolina is a darkhorse by virtue of their win at Baylor, and I think Vanderbilt is improving.

The SEC West remains a mystery. I think any team outside of Ole Miss [due to the injuries] has a chance to win the division, even Auburn. Arkansas and LSU look like the teams to beat, but Alabama has improved a little [tonight, win or lose, will be a barometer of how much they've improved] and I think Mississippi State will improve as the year progresses [they smoked Western Kentucky last night]. It should make for an interesting conference year.

Right now I'd have to go with


1. Tennessee
2. Kentucky
3. Florida
4. South Carolina
5. Vanderbilt
6. Georgia


1. Arkansas
2. LSU
3. Mississippi State
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Ole Miss