Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Closing the chapter on the Mark Gottfried era... final stats

2008-09 ---12-7 --- 2-3
2007-08 ---17-16--- 5-11---1-1
2006-07 ---20-12 -- 7-9----0-1
2005-06 ---18-13 -- 10-6---0-1---- 1-1(10)
2004-05 ---24-8 --- 12-4---1-1---- 0-1 (5)
2003-04 ---20-13 ---8-8---1-1---- 3-1 (8)
2002-03 ---17-12 --- 7-9---0-1----- 0-1 (10)
2001-02 ---27-8 --- 12-4---2-1----- 1-1 (2)
2000-01 ---25-11 --- 8-8---1-1
1999-00 ---13-16 --- 6-10---0-1
1998-99 ---17-15 --- 6-10---1-1

Overall record: 210-131
SEC: 83-82
SECT: 7-10
NCAA: 4-5
SEC Road record: 20-62

- 1 SEC Regular Season Title
- 1 SEC Tournament Finals
- First Elite 8 in school history (2003-04)

Biggest wins:
- 2/23/02 vs UF (home)- Pettway's GW layup at the buzzer
- 11/14/02 vs Oklahoma (NYC)- upset that propelled us 1 month later to #1
- 12/20/03 vs Oregon (Las Vegas)- last second shot by Winston
- 3/18/04 vs SIU (NCAA)- Pettway saves us from the upset
- 3/20/04 vs Stanford (NCAA)- beat the #1 team in the country in the 2nd round
- 3/25/04 vs Syracuse (NCAA)- beat the defending national champs in the round of 16. 1st ever Elite 8 appearance
- 1/18/05 vs Miss St (home)- beat the tar out of them 98-49. One of the most enjoyable games I've watched as a Bama fan.
- 2/9/05 at Tennessee- marked winning 4 of 5 road SEC games (beat Auburn, Ole Miss, and Arkansas in that stretch)
- 1/14/06 at Kentucky- turned the season around after Chuck Davis' season ending injury vs Ole Miss.
- 3/16/06 vs Marquette (NCAA)- most said we didn't have a chance, yet we controlled the game.
- 11/20/06 vs Xavier (St Thomas)- won the St Thomas shootout (can't remember if that's the correct name).
- 12/23/07 vs Iowa State (Las Vegas)- won the Las Vegas Classic in front of 268 fans.

The bottom line is Mark Gottfried has a nice 5 year run from 2001 to 2006. Even during the 5 straight NCAA tournament bids, we often underachieved and barely made the tournament in 3 of those years (seedings of 8, 10, and 10).

The early and late parts of his coaching career here stunk... bad. No way around that. We give him a pass on his early years, but the last 3 are almost a mirror of his first 3.

Mark Gottfried will find another HC job... just not in the next couple of years. He would be best served to take an assistant job with one of his coaching buddies. I suggest he move the family to Philadelphia where he can learn from Jay Wright and get a feel for competition at its best.

I'm not going to thank him for the job he did because IMO he never adjusted or took suggestions on how to make the program better... not to mention he was paid a ton of money for mediocre at best results. I do wish him future success... if he allows himself to absorb different approaches to coaching he could find his way back to being the head honcho at a mid major. For him to ascend to a Big 6 conference job it'll take him at least 5 years of understudying.


Hville said...

Rico Pickett has also stated he would come back if welcome now that CMG is gone, fwiw....

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's a good idea. He needs to stay gone

DJC said...

I would welcome Ron back with open arms, but Rico? Not so much.