Friday, January 09, 2009

Fandom, random rant on the B(C)S Championship game, and rumors

Is it possible to completely lose interest in a team and sport because the team you followed have sucked for so long you find other things to occupy yourself with? For me, it happened with the NY Islanders and the NHL last season. I grew up a baseball fan first, college hoops 2nd, and hockey 3rd, but the continued suckiness of the NY Islanders pushed me away from the NHL altogether. I have to admit that hockey over time fell further down the list of sports I care about... they might've been 7th (college football, NFL, boxing, and tennis) by the time I cut bait. Management continually put together a band of misfits and called it progress. I called it a steaming pile of garbage.

I worry sometimes that the casual fans of our hoops program might do what I did with Hockey. I guess the difference is hockey has been relegated to a 5th tier sport while college hoops is still a major player in a sports fan's life.

I turned the game off in the 4th quarter. I had zero interest in who won as IMO the 2 best teams in the country did not play each other. One of them resides in Los Angeles and the other is an upstart that demolished us in the Sugar. Heck, Texas has a gripe too... even though they struggled with tOSU. Regardless, most of the time we'll have to settle for a MNC instead of settling it on the field. College basketball has it right... college football is still in the stone ages.

I'll be short and sweet about this... CMG should be fired for being a mediocre HC not for some off the court rumor. IMO I believe some are making their attacks personal since critiquing his coaching performance hasn't gotten the desired results (fired). Like the attacks on his wife last season I think they're uncalled for.

I believe this situation is similar to what Houston Nutt went through in his final year at Arkansas. He was so despised by a certain portion of the fan base that they did and said anything to (successfully) force him out.


Anonymous said...

concerning the "rumors",

i'm adopting the bart simpson defense:


Anonymous said...

utah is good. and they should be in a playoff (if there was one). but they're not the second best team. usc, ut, ok and uf all look better. but we'll never know.

the reason they trounced us is our guys came out waaaay flat in the first quarter. it reminded me of the auburn game 3 years ago (i think it was 3).

we had no depth all year. if we had any big injuries during a big game, we probably would've lost. Andre was huge. Coming out flat was huger =)

so yes utah is good, but if we played them the way we played the other 13 games, it would've at least been close, maybe won. Im not taking anything away from the utes- they played a hell of a game. there's just 3-4 teams probably better.

MSmilie said...

I'm out of the loop. What rumors are you referring to?

bobbyjack said...

Whether or not they're true IMO it's none of my business. Obviously, if true it makes it easier to can the guy, but truth be told I want him to be judged on his coaching.

In regard to Utah, the thing is we can argue whether or not they're as good as UF, OU, USC, and UT, but until they play it's all speculation. All I know is what I saw in the Sugar Bowl (in person... and I want my $125 back -g-) convinced me that they should be mentioned.