Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ga Tech stats pack....

... brought to you by the New Orleans International Airport... also known as the place where Utah beat the ever living crap out of our football team.


- 46% FG
- 30% 3PT FG
- 58% FT
- +7.3 rebound margin
- 15.75 turnovers per game

Tech (like us) is a puzzling team. They won at Mercer and Pepperdine, but lost at home to Penn State and UIC. Like us, the talent is there, but execution is flawed.

Prediction: Ga Tech beat the team that beat us on opening day so that means they win, right? I believe this to be the case even though Tech isn't very good. Tech by 7.

TV is FSN at 2PM CST. Chances are I'll be just waking up to see this. Great.


Unknown said...

This is where this season starts getting uglier!

bobbyjack said...

I hope we're both wrong Jason, but recent history says we know it's coming.

MSmilie said...

Not only did Tech win at Mercer, they rallied from an 18-point deficit in that game.

However, they're looking more and more like a bottom half team in the ACC after losing at home to Virginia.

I'm going to give Alabama the benefit of a doubt and predict them to win this game, if only by a few points. After last night's debacle, I'll take whatever I can get as an Alabama fan.

I rarely get angry enough with games that I start yelling and cursing......but.....that game took me there. My old lady must have thought I was a nut......and enjoyed it since she's an LSU fan.

bobbyjack said...

Who is that team playing GA Tech in Coleman? I'd like to see more of that! That's the best I've seen Steele play in 2 years. Heck, I can't find a single thing to nitpick about this unexpected asskicking of Tech.

I never got mad at the game yesterday... maybe I was too worn down from 3 days of New Orleans. Still, when Utah put 14 on the board in the first 7 minutes I just shrugged and said they wanted it more (and they did).

Unknown said...

I think the team playing in Coleman tonight came from the same place that our football team was hiding at yesterday!

The team did do very well today, and I was proud of their effort. Mark on the other hand lent very little to this process. For instance, Knox committed a stupid foul in the 1st half and Mark just glared at him!